About ProProfs Survey Maker Integration with Salesforce

ProProfs Survey Maker seamlessly integrates surveys in Salesforce to help you automatically send surveys after a customer interaction, training session, campaign, etc. Manage customer retention and churn by analyzing survey responses within Salesforce for each of your contacts and cases. Create customer satisfaction surveys, employee feedback surveys, calculate Net Promoter Score and much more.

Key features of ProProfs Survey Maker Integration with Salesforce

  • Optimize surveys
  • Create mobile-friendly surveys with ProProfs Survey Maker. Create engaging surveys that look great on any device, browser or operating system with surveys in salesforce.

  • Single sign-on
  • Send surveys, view responses, track reports and manage users from a single dashboard through survey maker integration with Salesforce. This saves tons of time and effort wasted on multiple logins.

  • Automate workflows
  • Automate marketing and sales workflows with preset conditions to responses of the survey maker. Salesforce notifies your team as soon as a response meets the requisite conditions.

Benefits of ProProfs Survey Maker Integration with Salesforce

  • View and analyze survey responses within Salesforce
  • Salesforce integration with Survey Maker allows you to send surveys and track responses directly in Salesforce. Create engaging surveys and send them in bulk to your Salesforce contacts, cases, leads and campaign members.

  • Improve customer service and upsell opportunities
  • Create new leads by mapping survey responses into any field, using survey integration with Salesforce. Sync survey results and Salesforce data to identify and eliminate unexpected customer churn.

  • Set marketing triggers
  • Automatically trigger surveys based on Salesforce events such as reminding customers of subscription renewal dates, upcoming product enhancements, pricing changes, etc.



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