Types of Scored Questionnaire

Create scored surveys, tests, net promoter score & personality quizzes
Scored Surveys
Gather feedback & score responses easily

Scored surveys help you ask questions to respondents, while tallying their responses to survey scoring scale range. Assign both positive and negative values for each answer option and define different score ranges for the overall survey. A scored survey is similar to a personality quiz, where respondents are shown a customized message based on their scores at the end of the survey

Scored Quizzes
Create an online quiz or test

You can create a scored quiz to assess the knowledge of your respondents. For instance, you can create a pre-hire assessment, where you want to assess the abilities or skills of prospective job candidates. Such a quiz has right and wrong answers, and you can assign a percentage of marks that respondents must achieve to pass. On scored survey completion, display the scores to your respondents including all their correct and incorrect answers.

Net Promoter Score
Measure customer loyalty for your brand

Net Promoter Score is a survey that helps you measure customer loyalty and improve business performance. Create an NPS survey using our NPS scale question type, which has a range of 0-10. On survey completion your customers are divided into three categories:

Promoters- Customers who are most likely to recommend your brand to a friend or colleague. Their score: 9-10

Passives - Satisfied customers but not loyal enthusiasts of your product or service. Their score: 7-8

Detractors - Unhappy, at times irate, customers who have a negative perception of your brand. Their score: 0-6

Learn more about Net Promoter Score

Scored Personality Quiz
Scored Personality Quiz
Create personalities & add scoring

You can create personality quizzes, where the reader gets personalized results based on their score. These quizzes drive engagement on your website or generate leads for your business.

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How to Score a Survey Questionnaire

Create surveys with scoring in 3 quick steps
Create Scoring Surveys With Ease
10+ question types, drag & drop editor

Create a scored survey using a range of question types such as multiple-choice, rating scale, choose from a list, and more. Add images to your scored surveys with a simple drag and drop editor. You can also import existing questions using an Excel sheet, which is automatically converted into a survey-friendly format.

Create Scoring Surveys With Ease
Enable Scoring
Enable Scoring
Add scores to your survey

Our scoring software comes with one of the best survey scoring methods that allow users to assign points to answer options and score the responses. For instance, a respondent may get +5 points for selecting the first option in multiple-choice, +3 for the second option and -2 for the third option. In the end, a total score is calculated for that attempt and a result is shown based on the scores achieved by respondents. Keep in mind that you can also assign negative marking to answer options.

Create Survey Results
Craft score-based results in minutes

After scoring your survey questions, you can create the results. You can assign a score range to survey results so that respondents are shown specific results based on the scores they achieve. While you can always create a simple result such as Pass or Fail, there’s also the option to create customized results with detailed text, images or even embedded videos.

Create Survey Results
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Question Types to Create Scored Surveys

5 different question types for you to choose from
Multiple Choice

A multiple-choice is one of the most popular question types, which allows respondents to choose a single option from a list of possible answers.

Multiple Choice

Use a checkbox if your question has more than one correct answer. Respondents can check multiple boxes to select one or more options from a list of answers.

Choose From a List

This question type is a drop-down list, which works well if you have a preset list of answer choices from where you want respondents to select the one they prefer.

Choose From a List
Rating Scale
Rating Scale

A rating scale allows your respondents to evaluate a question, in their order of preference, by assigning weights to each answer choice.

NPS Scale

An NPS scale allows customers to rate their satisfaction of your company's products and services on a scale of 0-10.

NPS Scale
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  • Create Beautiful Surveys With 100+ Templates
    Create Beautiful Surveys With 100+ Templates

    Use our 100+ templates to create beautiful scoring surveys for your employees and customers.

  • Add Images & Customize Themes
    Add Images & Customize Themes

    Use images and customize themes to add a personalized touch to your scored survey.

  • Create In-App Surveys
    Create In-App Surveys

    Target the right visitors at a strategic time with our survey scoring system before they leave your website.

  • Schedule Automatic Survey Distribution
    Schedule Automatic Survey Distribution

    Schedule and distribute your scoring surveys automatically with our online survey maker.

  • Capture Customer & Employee Satisfaction
    Capture Customer & Employee Satisfaction

    Gauge your customer or employee satisfaction rate and their loyalty towards the brand with a scoring survey.

  • Insightful Reports & Analytics
    Insightful Reports & Analytics

    View and access cumulative reports to assess your brand performance with our survey scoring system.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Scored Survey?

A scored survey is a survey in which you can assign points to answer options and calculate the survey score based on the responses received from the survey takers.

How to Create a Scored Survey?

It’s super easy to create a scored survey with ProProfs Survey Maker. Pick a survey type > create your survey question > and assign points - as simple as it sounds! Read more to know how to create a scored survey.

What Is the Difference Between a Quiz, Survey, Scored Survey, and a Poll?

A scored survey is a combination of quizzes and surveys where points are allocated to all answer options, whereas a quiz is used to test the knowledge of an individual. With surveys, you can gather opinions and customer feedback, while polls are a single question survey that are used to get feedback in the form of Yes or No answers. Read more to under the difference between a quiz, survey, scored survey and a poll.


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