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16 Best Online Survey Tools for Business in 2024 (Free + Paid)

15 Best Online Survey Software _ Tools (Free + Paid)

If you want to hear the voice of the customers, the first step is to get a top online survey tools at your disposal. Truth be told, there are innumerable survey tools flooding the market, but not all of them will suit your objectives.

Sifting through the mammoth list of all the tools to choose one is pretty taxing. (Been there, done that)! This is why I have compiled the best online survey tools I have used and listed them by what they offer, what difficulties you may face using them, and their starting prices.

Here’s a comparison table to give you an idea about the tools right off the bat:

Now that you know the basics of all my top choices, it’s time to know about all the tools in details. Let’s go!

16 Best Free Online Survey Tools

1. ProProfs Survey Maker – Best for Creating beautiful surveys with customization options
2. Qualaroo – Best for Customer sentiment analysis
3. forms.app – Best for Small and medium-sized companies
4. SurveySparrow – Best for Conversational surveys & forms
5. Typeform – Best for Unlimited forms and surveys; marketing automation
6. HubSpot – Best for Email marketing & lead capture forms
7. SurveyMonkey – Best for AI-powered surveys
8. Qualtrics – Best for: Customer experience management
9. Google Forms – Best for Free & simple forms compatible with all devices
10. Alchemer – Best for Enterprise-level survey management
11. QuestionPro – Best for Comprehensive survey solution for all use cases
12. Zoho Survey – Best for GDPR-compliant surveys
13. Shout – Best for Privacy-first online surveys
14. JotForm – Best for Online form building with PDF editor
15. SurveyLegend – Best for Creating mobile-friendly surveys
16. Sogolytics – Best for Survey design & feedback management

To decide the best online survey tools , I considered several selection criteria that are important for creating effective and engaging surveys. Some of the criteria I looked at are:

  • The ease of use and design of the tool
  • The variety and quality of the survey templates and questions
  • The customization and branding options for the surveys
  • The logic and interactivity features for the surveys
  • The analytics and reporting capabilities of the tool
  • The integration and distribution options for the surveys
  • The reviews and reputation of the tool

Based on these criteria, I selected online survey tools that I think are the best in the market. Let me show you each one of them in detail.

1. ProProfs Survey MakerBest for Creating beautiful surveys with customization options

ProProfs Survey Maker is hands down one of the best online survey tools I’ve used. This powerful tool offers an intuitive interface to create attractive surveys swiftly. Select from expert-written templates or craft your own surveys and customize them with your logo, colors, fonts, media, etc. – this software allows it all.

ProProfs Survey Maker has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it simple to add different types of questions, such as multiple choice, rating, matrix, and open-ended.

I have also used logic branching, skip logic, and question piping to make my surveys more interactive and personalized.

What’s more, this cloud-based tool works on any device and browser, online and offline. I’ve collected responses from my audience via multiple channels, including emails, web links, social media, QR codes, embedded codes, etc. This, and the option to set up automatic reminders and thank-you messages, have exponentially boosted my response rate.

For an easy-to-use, flexible, and powerful online survey tools, I highly recommend ProProfs Survey Maker. It’s been instrumental in enhancing my business and customer loyalty!

What you’ll like:

  • Drag-and-drop interface that can create surveys in minutes
  • Hundreds of expert-written survey templates and 20+ question types for every situation
  • Customization options to add your own logo, colors, fonts, images, and videos
  • Logic branching, skip logic, and question piping to make surveys more interactive and personalized
  • Smart analytics to view real-time reports, filter responses, export data, and share reports

What you may not like:

  • The free plan has a limit of 10 questions and 50 responses per month
  • Survey translation feature is missing


Forever free plan for up to 50 responses. Paid plan starts at $19.99/100 responses/month.

2. QualarooBest for Customer sentiment analysis 

The second tool I want to share with you is Qualaroo, a powerful and versatile user research and customer feedback software. I have been using Qualaroo for a while, and I can say that it has helped me a lot in understanding my website visitors and improving their experience.

Qualaroo allows me to create and run online surveys that are tailored to my specific goals and audience. I can choose from a variety of question types, such as multiple choice, rating, open-ended, and more.

The app also has logic branching, skip logic, and question piping to make my surveys more interactive and personalized.

One of the best features of Qualaroo is the “Nudge”, which is a small widget that pops up on my website to ask relevant questions to my visitors at the right time and place. It is customizable and unobtrusive, so it does not interfere with the user experience.

If you are looking for a user-research and customer feedback software that is easy to use, versatile, and powerful, I recommend you give Qualaroo a try.

What you’ll like:

  • Option to create and manage online surveys with various question types, logic branching, skip logic, question piping, and more
  • Smart widget that asks relevant questions at the right time and place to engage website visitors non-intrusively
  • AI-powered sentiment analysis to measure the emotions and opinions of your respondents
  • Can connect your survey data with other tools and platforms, such as Google Analytics, WordPress, Shopify, HubSpot, Slack, and more
  • Smart filters, segments, cross-tabs, charts, etc. to analyze and understand your survey results

What you may not like:

  • It can be expensive for small businesses or startups
  • Difficult customization and integration at times due to glitchy UI and API


Starts at $69/month (billed annually)

3. forms.app  – Best for Small and medium-sized companies


forms.app is one of the stunning survey maker applications that enables users to create professional forms, surveys, quizzes, and polls quickly. You can create forms and surveys for a wide range of purposes, including market research, data collection, and measuring satisfaction. Building forms and surveys is made easy with its user-friendly interface. With the ability to share through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, QR codes, and links, transferring your forms and surveys is easy and accessible.

What you’ll like:

  • +4000 ready-made templates
  • AI form generator feature
  • Create and access your forms with its mobile application
  • Automate your workflow with +500 third-party integrations
  • Almost all advanced features are free to use

What you may not like:

  • It doesn’t have TURF analysis
  • No timer for quizzes


It has a free plan and the basic plan starts at 12.5 USD when billed yearly.

4. SurveySparrowBest for Conversational surveys & forms

I use SurveySparrow to create conversational surveys of all types and for all purposes. It is an online survey builder software that helps me engage people with instant surveys and collect their feedback. I can create various types of surveys like CES surveys, NPS surveys, CSAT surveys, etc.

I can also style my surveys with themes and design every bit with buttons, text, font, questions, answers, and more. One of the features I love about SurveySparrow is the Executive Dashboard, where I can create insightful dashboards for my survey data and visualize them the way I love.

I can also manage customer feedback and issues with a built-in Ticket Management system. Another feature that I find useful is the option to embed surveys with just a click – this lets me embed surveys on my website or app and collect real-time leads or feedback.

What you’ll like:

  • Conversational surveys that make your surveys more engaging and personal by mimicking a chat-like experience
  • Executive dashboard for visualizing your survey data as required – you can also analyze your data in depth with filters, segments, and cross-tabs
  • Ticket management with built-in customer feedback management that lets you assign tickets, track their status, and resolve them quickly
  • Third-party integrations with various applications such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack Zapier, etc., to automate workflows and streamline data collection

What you may not like:

  • Lacks a drag-and-drop editor
  • Has limited email marketing features


Starts at $19/month

5. TypeformBest for Unlimited forms and surveys; marketing automation

As one of the best survey software, Typeform has a unique interface that shows one question at a time. This helps me get more thoughtful responses and higher completion rates.

I love how I can make my survey questions more engaging and fun by attaching photos and videos. As I see it, Typeform can also make the survey experience more coherent by customizing question maps according to how respondents answer. This has greatly enhanced the quality of my data.

Additionally, I can export the collected information in different formats or use hidden fields to track where my responses come from.

What you’ll like:

  • You can customize the flow of your form based on the answers of your respondents using Logic Jump
  • Ability to choose from different templates or create your own theme with colors, fonts, and images
  • Option to add hidden fields to your form to track where your responses are coming from or to personalize your form
  • Seamless data export to CSV, XLS, or PDF formats or use integrations with other tools like Google Sheets, Mailchimp Zapier, etc.
  • Video questions or answers embedded in forms to make them more engaging and human

What you may not like:

  • Glitches and bugs that affect user experience
  • Can be too expensive for some users


Basic plan starts at $25/user/month.

6. HubSpotBest for Email marketing & lead capture forms

Hubspot survey is another powerful and easy-to-use survey builder software that has helped me to grow my business and build better relationships with my customers and employees.

Aside from creating and sharing surveys with customers, leads, and employees, this online survey tools also serves multiple other purposes, such as collecting feedback, measuring customer satisfaction, guiding products and service improvements, and more.

In my opinion, one of the best features of Hubspot is its analytics dashboard.  I can not only see the results of my surveys in real time but segment the data by different criteria, such as contact properties, source, and score as well. This has helped me understand the needs and preferences of my respondents much better.

What you’ll like:

  • You can send surveys to your contacts directly via email and track their responses in HubSpot
  • Option to create different types of questions and logic to get the feedback you need from your customers
  • Personalized messages to send to your customers after they complete the survey
  • Ability to display surveys on any webpage that has your HubSpot tracking code installed and target them based on different criteria
  • Automatically triggered workflows, updated contact properties and lists based on survey responses

What you may not like:

  • It gets expensive really quickly as the basic plan has limited features
  • It has annual contracts – no early termination/cancellation


Starts at $18/month

7. SurveyMonkeyBest for AI-powered surveys

As one of the best tools for creating and sending surveys to any audience, SurveyMonkey has got you covered for all sorts of survey requirements – from market research to customer satisfaction, employee engagement, education, and more.

The tool creates surveys in minutes with its easy-to-use interface and artificial intelligence, and you can choose from a variety of question types such as multiple choice, rating scale, matrix, open-ended, etc. There’s also a vast library of pre-made templates for different topics and purposes that you can use to readily create your surveys or customize your own.

This online survey software has a powerful analytics section, and you can view your results in real-time on the dashboard or download them as PDF, Excel, or CSV files.

With its plethora of features, you can easily use SurveyMonkey to drive your business forward by capturing the voices and opinions of the people who matter most to you.

What you’ll like:

  • AI-powered survey design feedback and prediction
  • Ready-made and customizable surveys for various purposes
  • Seamless connection with other apps like Teams, Slack, Zoom, etc
  • Data visualization and insights based on survey responses
  • Wide range of inbuilt questions for different survey types

What you may not like:

  • The platform can be costly for small businesses
  • Limited customization options


Starts at $99/month

8. QualtricsBest for Customer experience management

Qualtrics is an easy-to-use survey tool with a user-friendly interface and powerful artificial intelligence that guides users through every step of the survey design and analysis process. In my experience with using the tool, I’ve found it quite handy in improving my customer relationships and their experience with my website.

I could quite easily create surveys with customizable templates, integrated graphics, and in-app statistical tools. It’d also let me collect, store, and download data in a variety of formats and produce reports for a better understanding of my data.

But Qualtrics is more than just survey software – it is also a CXM platform that helps manage the entire customer and employee experience. You can measure and improve every touchpoint along the customer journey, from awareness to loyalty or engage and empower your employees, from recruitment to retention!

What you’ll like:

  • Easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop functionality and pre-configured surveys
  • 360-degree solution for customer professionals that covers feedback collection, analysis, action planning, and reporting
  • Text analysis tools that use artificial intelligence and natural language processing to extract insights from open-ended responses
  • Contact management system that allows you to segment, target, and follow up with your respondents
  • Seamless integrations with popular platforms such as Salesforce, Marketo, Slack, Tableau, and more

What you may not like:

  • Reporting dashboard lacks advanced features
  • The software may require some training if you are new to it


Starts from $1500/year

9. Google FormsBest for Free & simple forms compatible with all devices

Google Forms is one of my favorite free online survey tools because it is free, easy to use, and versatile. Owing to its widespread compatibility, you can use it to collect feedback, conduct research, plan events, or test knowledge.

This survey software has a simple and intuitive interface that lets you design surveys with different types of questions, including multiple-choice, short answer, checkboxes, linear scale, date, time, and more.

In my experience, one of the best features of Google Forms is that it automatically saves and analyzes the responses in Google Sheets. Users can then view charts, graphs, and summaries of the data or export the data to other formats, such as CSV or PDF, or use add-ons to enhance its functionality.

If you are looking for a simple, reliable, free online survey software to create and send surveys easily, I’d say this is it!

 What you’ll like:

  • Templates that offer a variety of prebuilt form designs for different purposes, such as feedback, registration, quiz, order, and more
  • Question formats that allow you to choose from different types of questions, such as multiple choice, short answer, checkboxes, linear scale, date, time, and more
  • Conditional logic that enables you to show or hide questions based on the responses of the respondents
  • Theme customizations that let you change the appearance of your forms by adding images, videos, logos, colors, and fonts
  • Reporting and analytics that automatically save and display the responses in Google Sheets, where you can view charts, graphs, and summaries of the data

What you may not like:

  • You will not be able to use the forms offline
  • Limited design options


Free for anyone with a Google account

10. AlchemerBest for Enterprise-level survey management

If you are looking for an online survey tool that gives you the flexibility, ease of use, and value that you need, then you should check out Alchemer.

This highly customizable online survey tool can create simple feedback forms to complex market research surveys, has a huge variety of question types, logic branching, and more.

One of the things I love about Alchemer is that it has no limits on the number of surveys or responses you can collect. Unlike other survey platforms that charge extra fees for more responses, Alchemer allows as much data collection as I need with no additional costs.

To know more, you can sign up for a free trial or a paid plan that suits your needs or contact their support team for help.

What you’ll like:

  • Provides an easy-to-use visual editor to create surveys, polls, and online questionnaires in minutes
  • Leverage features like 35+ question types, advanced question branching, and custom scripting to collect insights from customers and employees
  • Multi-channel deployment options to get a 360-degree view of customer experience
  • Includes open-text analysis, segmented reports, crosstab, conjoint analysis, and TURF reports
  • Provides multiple integration APIs like Microsoft Teams, HubSpot, Slack, etc
  • Visual workflow builder to create automated survey campaigns

What you may not like:

  • Cluttered too navigation and UI
  • Slow data import and merge operations


Starts at $55 per user per month

11. QuestionProBest for Comprehensive survey solution for all use cases

QuestionPro is a good online survey platform designed for small and large-scale companies, mostly due to its versatile use cases. It has a user-friendly interface and a large library of questions and templates that can be modified according to needs. Users can also choose from different question types, such as multiple choice, rating scale, matrix, image choice, video choice, and more.

The tool has a powerful distribution and data collection feature that utilizes email, SMS, web link, social media, and QR code or embedded codes, as well as QuestionPro’s panel services to access millions of respondents across the globe.

You get offline surveys with this software as an added bonus and can collect data even without an internet connection.

What you’ll like:

  • User-friendly interface and a large library of questions and templates to create surveys in minutes
  • Customized URL, branding & themes to modify the look and feel of your surveys with your domain themes
  • Option to collaborate with your team members and share surveys, reports, data, etc., and assign roles and permissions to your team members
  • Real-time data analysis on a dashboard account as charts, graphs, summaries, cross-tabs, filters, and data trends

What you may not like:

  • Additional cost for advanced features even with a paid plan
  • Limited customization and formatting options


Basic is free. Advanced plans start at $99 per user per month.

12. Zoho SurveyBest for GDPR-compliant surveys

Zoho Survey is a web-based tool that lets you create surveys, collect responses, and analyze data in a simple and intuitive way. It is part of the Zoho suite, which offers over 40 different applications for productivity and collaboration.

With Zoho Survey, you can choose from hundreds of ready-made templates for various types of surveys, such as customer satisfaction, feedback, research, HR, and more. Or, you can customize them to suit your needs or create your own from scratch.

Use the drag-and-drop interface to add different types of questions, such as multiple choice, rating, matrix, text, etc., and add logic, branching, piping, and scoring to make your survey more interactive and relevant.

What you’ll like:

  • Create surveys easily with drag and drop, logic, and preview features.
  • 200 templates for various types of surveys that you can edit or create your own
  • Integrates with Zoho CRM to help you manage and analyze the data you collect from your surveys.
  • Strong spam protection with CAPTCHA and IP blocking features to save your surveys from spam and bots
  • Option to translate the surveys in multiple languages, allowing for a wider reach

What you may not like:

  • Survey themes and layouts lack advanced features
  • The reporting feature is a bit complicated to use


Paid plans start at $7.23/month

13. ShoutBest for Privacy-first online surveys

If you are looking for a survey tool that respects your privacy and compliance, Shout is the one for you. It is a privacy-first survey software that lets you create surveys, quizzes, assessments, and more without compromising your data or your respondents’ data. Responses are anonymous by default, and you can also record consent collected straight to contact profiles.

Shout is not just a survey maker, it is also a powerful tool for managing contacts, analyzing data, and reporting on results. You can use this survey platform to capture leads, perform assessments, manage experiences, and access millions of survey respondents from all over the world through Shout Audience.

What you’ll like:

  • Create surveys, quizzes, and forms quickly and easily with a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Choose from a variety of question types, logic options, and design elements
  • Built-in CRM that helps you manage your contacts, segment your audience, and send personalized emails
  • Professional reports for all projects, where you can filter and compare data sets, identify patterns, and export your results
  • Share your surveys, quizzes, and reports with your team members and collaborate on projects together

What you may not like:

  • Limited choices of survey templates
  • Does not integrate with too many tools


Starts at $12.99/month

14. JotFormBest for Online form building with PDF editor

JotForm is yet another robust and versatile survey tool that I use to create and manage customized surveys. It has a smooth drag-and-drop interface, and you can choose from different types of questions and logic options.

You also have the option to integrate your surveys with more than 1000 apps, such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and PayPal. JotForm gathers instant feedback from the respondents and automates the whole process with autoresponder emails and ACH payments.

You can also analyze your form data with built-in analytics tools and create visual reports to gain valuable insights. JotForm is easy to use and syncs all changes on the go, so you can work on your surveys anytime, anywhere.

What you’ll like:

  • 800+ survey templates to choose from
  • Surveys can be customized using logos, fonts, and colors to match your brand identity
  • Easy integrations with apps like Adobe, Zoom, Hubspot, and more
  • SSL data security to weed out spam responses or data leakage
  • “Forms Analytics” feature that offers advanced data analysis to observe trends

What you won’t like:

  • The tool is a little challenging to navigate
  • Embedding on a website can take some time to load


Starts at $34/month

15. SurveyLegendBest for Creating mobile-friendly surveys

This one is a mobile-friendly survey management application that lets me create, customize, and share engaging surveys with ease. I love the drag-and-drop survey designer, which allows me to choose from a variety of question types, logic options, and design elements. I can also add my own branding and logo to make my surveys look professional and appealing.

One of the most powerful features of SurveyLegend is its real-time analytics. I can view and analyze my survey data on any device using interactive charts, graphs, and maps as well as set up notifications and alerts to keep track of my survey activity and feedback.

SurveyLegend is a survey tool that I highly recommend for anyone who wants to create beautiful and effective surveys and gather valuable insights from the respondents to improve business decisions.

What you’ll like:

  • Drag-and-drop survey designer to create and customize your surveys with ease
  • Option to connect your surveys with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and reach out to your audience on these platforms
  • Detailed analysis of survey data on any device using interactive charts, graphs, and maps
  • Notifications and alerts to keep track of your survey activity and feedback
  • Ability to make your surveys accessible and responsive on mobile phones or tablet devices, so you can create, share, and collect responses on the go

What you may not like:

  • Limited question types for the surveys
  • Suffers from bugs and glitches frequently


Starts at $19/month

16. SogolyticsBest for Survey design & feedback management

Sogolytics is one of the most secure online survey builder software I have used. It assists businesses in gathering customer feedback to make informed business decisions. You can effortlessly create a survey using their inbuilt templates or build a template from scratch. The tool also offers robust security and analytical reports that facilitate in-depth data analysis.

Sogolytics guarantees the anonymity of your respondents, so they can answer your questions honestly and confidently. You can also prefill known data into visible and hidden fields and use dynamic data auto-population to customize your surveys based on the prefilled data, such as showing different questions or messages depending on the respondent’s profile.

Additionally, if you want to reach a global audience with your surveys, this tool automatically translates your surveys to the preferred language of your respondents using Google Translate!

What you’ll like:

  • Ready-to-use survey templates
  • Hundreds of integrations available to automate workflow
  • Respondents can upload a file in their response
  • Data management to organize and secure the data
  • Latest global security compliances to protect the data

What you may not like:

  • Fewer functionalities in the basic version
  • Slightly expensive for small businesses


Basic plan starts from $25/month

What is the Best Online Survey Software for You?

The most suitable online survey tool for your business will entirely depend on the functionalities you are looking for, your target audience, and your business goals.

However, to optimize your search further, here are my top 3 recommendations:

Option 1 – ProProfs Survey Maker:

This is an online survey tool that lets you create surveys for any purpose and any audience, with a wide range of question types, templates, and themes. You can customize your surveys to match your brand and style and use branching logic to create personalized and relevant surveys. ProProfs Survey Maker offers real-time analytics and reports to help you understand your survey data and make informed decisions. The tool is easy to use, affordable, and scalable, which makes it a great choice for your survey needs.

Option 2 – Qualaroo:

This is a survey widget that helps you collect feedback from your website visitors, measure your Net Promoter Score (NPS), understand user behavior, and improve user experience. Qualaroo surveys are short and in-context, which means they can get more responses and insights. You can also segment your audience based on various criteria and trigger surveys based on user actions.

Option 3 – Hubspot:

This is a CRM platform that helps you create surveys and collect feedback from your customers, measure customer satisfaction, loyalty, etc. You can also analyze your survey data and generate reports and dashboards. HubSpot surveys are integrated with the rest of the HubSpot platform, which means you can use the data to personalize your communication and marketing campaigns.

In my experience, ProProfs Survey Maker has proven to be the most efficient in its field. It is simple, easy to use, and offers a host of unique features such as survey filtering, multimedia capabilities, polls & sidebars, survey scheduling, etc., in addition to the regular ones without burning a hole in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most popular online free survey tools?

There is no fixed answer to that, as a tool may be popular for one section of the mass looking exactly for the features it offers, while others may find it less efficient if the requirements don’t align. However, people tend to opt for tools that provide them with a well-rounded, comprehensive usage covering all areas a survey tool must cover. From that perspective, ProProfs Survey Maker can be considered a good choice.

What is the best website to create a survey?

There is no definitive answer to what is the best website to create a survey, as different websites may have different features, pricing, and benefits that suit different users and purposes. However, the top 3 websites have the following features that you can consider:

1. ProProfs Survey Maker: This is an online survey tool that offers advanced features like real-time analytics, branching logic, survey templates, and more. On top of that, ProProfs Survey Maker is super easy to use, customizable, and affordable.

2. SurveyMonkey: SurveyMonkey has a large library of survey templates and question types, but it can also be expensive and limited in customization.

3. Jotform: Jotform has a drag-and-drop interface and a lot of integrations, but it can also be complex and less focused on surveys.

As you can see, each tool has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you may want to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. However, if you are looking for a tool that offers more features, flexibility, and value for your money than the others, you may want to consider ProProfs Survey Maker

Which survey site is most trustworthy?

That’s a good question, as trustworthiness is an important factor when choosing a survey site. There are many survey sites out there, but not all of them are reliable, secure, and fair. Some of the survey sites that have been rated as trustworthy by various sources are:

1. ProProfs Survey Maker: The software is backed by ProProfs, a trusted company that also owns Qualaroo – another trusted user research and feedback tool.

2. SurveyMonkey: SurveyMonkey is a credible and secure company that follows industry standards and best practices for data protection and privacy.

3. Qualaroo: Qualaroo is another trustworthy and secure company that follows GDPR and CCPA compliance and uses SSL encryption for data transmission.

There are many other survey sites that may also be reliable and worth checking out. You can use websites like TrustRadius or G2 to compare and review different survey sites and see which ones suit you best. I hope this helps you find the most trustworthy survey site for you.

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About the author

Emma David is a seasoned market research professional with 8+ years of experience. Having kick-started her journey in research, she has developed rich expertise in employee engagement, survey creation and administration, and data management. Emma believes in the power of data to shape business performance positively. She continues to help brands and businesses make strategic decisions and improve their market standing through her understanding of research methodologies.