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11 SoGoSurvey Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

SoGoSurvey Alternatives & Competitors

SoGoSurvey is one of the popular and reliable online survey tools used by individuals and businesses alike. With the SogoSurvey cloud based platform, you can easily create multilingual surveys, polls, forms, quizzes, and other types of assessments.

This amazing platform gives the option to choose from versatile survey templates to create an employee engagement survey, customer satisfaction survey, market research survey, product survey, and much more to capture feedback and align with customer expectations. Interestingly, SoGoSurvey is also preferred by researchers both in the academic and corporate world to understand consumer and employee behaviour. All they need to do is to analyze the real-time reports from SoGoSurvey.

But, this tool comes with its own set of limitations like lack of demographic template variety, navigation issues, insufficient labeling of survey responses, and so on. And if these limitations are holding you back from getting a step closer to your goals, then there are many SoGoSurvey alternatives out there to overcome all these limitations, that too at a cost-effective price.

In this blog, let’s understand the best SoGoSurvey alternatives along with their main features in detail.

Comparison of Best SoGoSurvey Alternatives

Features ProProfs Survey Maker Qualaroo SurveyMonkey SnapSurveys SurveyPlanet Survicate Podium Nicereply Typeform Jotform
Pricing Essential Plan starts at $0.05/response/month Essential Plan starts at $0.0008/page view/month Standard Plan starts at Rs. 899/month XMP Plan starts at 835 pounds/year Pro Plan starts at $20/month or $180/year Essential Plan starts at $49/month Custom pricing Mini Plan starts at $39/month Essential Plan starts at $35/month Bronze Plan starts at $24/month
Designed For Personal use and Business use Personal use and Business use Personal use and Business use Personal use and Business use Personal use and Business use Personal use and Business use Personal use and Business use Personal use and Business use Personal use and Business use Personal use and Business use
Installation and IT Support
Get responses via web, social, or email
Popup surveys
Track email responses
Mobile apps for iOS and Android
NPS surveys
Number of question types 20 10 13 Variable 11 10 Variable Variable Variable Variable
Survey export options
Custom charts and reports
Survey security

Why do You Need SoGoSurvey Alternatives?

SoGoSurvey is a comprehensive survey tool that helps you collect feedback from both your customers and employees. With versatile question types and in-depth analytics mechanisms, you can come out with a complete strategy to close your feedback loop.

But, certain limitations of SoGoSurvey makes it necessary to look for its alternatives.

1. Insufficient Demographic Survey Templates

A demographic survey helps you collect the personal details of your survey respondents like age, income, education, marital status, and more. This information is sufficient to understand the personal choices of your target audience. By knowing their personal choices, you can easily provide them with a personalized user experience.

While SoGoSurvey comes with a variety of customer satisfaction and employee surveys, there is not much variety when it comes to demographic survey templates. Hence, you need to look for a SoGoSurvey alternative that has more demographic survey templates to choose from.

2. Navigation Issues

Effortless navigation between survey questions and pages is necessary for your survey respondents to complete the survey in a time. Some users have found SoGoSurvey navigation to be confusing and time consuming.

There are many alternatives to SoGoSurvey that offer hassle free navigation. You can easily set the page breaks and show just one question at a time. This also enhances your survey response rates.

3. Survey Response Labeling Challenge

When you analyze through the SoGoSurvey responses, there is no clarity on who took the survey at a particular time. The respondents are identified by numbers rather than a username or mail ID. These details are essential for further follow up with your survey respondents.

4. Limitations with Free Trial

The ten day free trial does not provide you access to all the essential features of SoGoSurvey tool. For that you need to opt for the expensive paid plans. But, you can easily opt for free SoGoSurvey alternatives that come with longer trial periods or forever free plans.

In the next section, let us understand the specifications to consider when you look for a survey maker tool  better than SoGoSurvey.

Specifications to Look For in SoGoSurvey Alternatives

When you are considering the best alternatives to SoGoSurvey, pay particular attention to the cost, templates, navigation, and survey reporting mechanism. Let’s understand them one by one.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Look out for survey maker tools that have a trial period of 15-30 days. Also, ensure that they provide most of the premium features in the trial version. There are also some SoGoSurvey alternatives with a forever free plan. If you are a startup that creates just one or two surveys per year, this plan will come in handy.

2. Versatile Templates

When you read through the reviews of SoGoSurvey competitors online, go for the ones that have a variety of survey templates. Most of the survey tools provide customer satisfaction and employee survey tools, but few of them do not provide a demographic survey template. Select the demographic survey template that is best suited for your business.

3. Easy Navigation

Sites like SoGoSurvey face challenges while navigating between survey questions. This reduces the probability of survey responses. Hence, look for a SoGoSurvey alternative that helps you to set appropriate page breaks and aids in easy survey navigation.

4. Advanced Survey Reporting Mechanism

Most of the SoGoSurvey competitors come with an advanced survey reporting mechanism. Ensure that you select one which gives a detailed report: the survey respondent’s details like Email ID or username can be accessed, get information on when the survey was taken, number of survey attempts, and much more.

In the next section, let’s form a detailed understanding of SoGoSurvey alternatives & competitors.

Best SoGoSurvey Alternatives & Competitors

There are many survey maker tools similar to SoGoSurvey like ProProfs Survey Maker, Qualaroo, Typeform, Podium, and more that can be used for both your personal and business purposes.

1. ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey MakerProProfs Survey Maker is one of the best alternatives to SoGoSurvey. It offers more than 100, 000 customized survey templates, you can create a survey in minutes with absolutely zero coding knowledge. By adding your logos, scores, polls, and more to the survey, you can create a completely personalized experience for your target audience.

Key features of ProProfs Survey Maker:

  • With a forever free plan, you can create unlimited surveys.
  • Choose from a variety of demographic survey templates to get started with demographic survey focusing on your target audience.
  • Apply page break feature to create an easily navigable survey.
  • The advanced survey reporting feature helps you access survey reports in the form of bar or pie charts.
  • Choose from versatile survey question types.
  • Share your survey via email, social media, website, popup, link, and more.


Starts from $19 per month.

Why We Picked It, What is unique about ProProfs Survey Maker?

  • Twenty versatile question types
  • Covers almost all survey templates ranging from a customer satisfaction survey to a demographic survey.
  • Advanced survey reporting mechanism with detailed survey statistics
  • Cost-effective with a forever free plan.
  • Reliable customization features like addition of logos, page break, images, colours, font, and more.

2. Qualaroo


Qualaroo is another customer feedback collection software that acts as a reliable alternative to SoGoSurvey. It is found to be 10 times more effective than normal surveys. You can easily embed it on your website and collect the right information from the right website visitors on a real-time basis.

Key features of Qualaroo:

  • Use advanced targeting using the Qualaroo nudge feature to collect dynamic feedback from your website visitors.
  • Easily integrate with 3rd party tools like google analytics, slack, and so on.
  • Understand your customer opinions and moods by making use of AI powered sentiment analysis.
  • Question your target audience on multiple platforms like mobile, apps, websites, and other digital platforms.


There are 3 pricing options for Qualaroo

  • Forever free plan
  • Essentials plan starting at $0.0008/page view/month
  • Premium plan starting at $0.0016/page view/month

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Qualaroo?

  • Advanced targeting of customers
  • More than 10 integration options
  • 15 day money back guarantee
  • Cost effective plans
  • Track human emotions with AI powered analytics

3. SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey is another intuitive survey maker tool with comprehensive templates and reporting capabilities. As compared to SoGoSurvey, SurveyMonkey has a simple user-interface which makes it easy to customize any complex branching or conditional logic type of questions.

Key features of SurveyMonkey:

  • Access question banks containing hundreds of questions to get started with your survey in seconds.
  • Randomize survey questions and survey pages to reduce order bias.
  • Add logos, images, colour to your survey to suit your website or brand.
  • Option to edit a live survey.
  • Add progress bars and page breaks to your surveys.
  • Share surveys using multiple options like customized links, QR code, email, social media, website embedding, and more.


SurveyMonkey pricing falls into two categories:

Personal Plans
  • Basic free plan
  • Standard plan starts at $12.41/month
  • Advantage plan starts at $27.60/month (annual plan)
  • Premium plan starts at $69.01/month (annual plan)
Business Plans
  • Team Advantage plan at $20.71/user/month starting for 3 users (billed annually)
  • Team Premier plan at $52.46/user/month starting for 3 users (billed annually)
  • Enterprise plan at custom prices

Why We Picked It, What is unique about SurveyMonkey?

  • Simple and easy to use UI
  • Option to edit a live survey
  • Affordable plan
  • Customized URL and QR code to share surveys
  • Offline survey filling option
Snap Surveys

Snap Surveys is another SoGoSurvey alternative that is an all in one survey software for questionnaire and survey design, feedback collection, and response analysis. With Snap Surveys, you can conduct both online (mobile, InApp, website) and offline (intercept and kiosk)  surveys with ease.

Key features of Snap Surveys:

  • Comprehensive customization features like randomization, piping, save and resume all, text substitution, and more.
  • Use visual and interactive questions to create a personalized experience for your survey takers.
  • Collect uninterrupted online and offline survey responses.
  • Scan paper questionnaires to collect reliable data.
  • Smart reporting to segment your audience response based on department, region, or team.


Snap Surveys pricing falls into two categories:

  • XMP plan starts at 835 pounds/year
  • Enterprise plan is available at a custom price

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Snap Surveys?

  • Innovative visual and interactive questions
  • Collect survey responses in both online and offline format
  • Option to scan paper questionnaires
  • Multiple language support including Arabic and Urdu
  • Easy to customize your database while handling research projects

You can leverage the SurveySparrow app to collect real-time user data using multiple devices. With this tool, you can create surveys in minutes with the available survey templates. Moreover, seamless integration with Microsoft Power BI can convert all your survey data into actionable insights.

Key features of SurveySparrow:

  • Rich dashboard encompassing proficient data analysis and reporting capabilities.
  • Customize and create unique surveys with personalization features.
  • Easy to use app design and interface
  • Improved user experience with multi-device compatibility


SurveySparrow pricing falls into four categories: Personal, Business, NPS & 360 Assessments.

Pricing starts from $19/month depending on your plan.

Why We Picked It, What is unique about SurveySparrow?

  • Real-time data capture
  • Easy survey sharing
  • Interactive survey app design
  • Efficient reporting and analytics
  • Fast and flexible Survey app
Survey Planet

If you are looking for free SoGoSurvey alternatives, SurveyPlanet could be a good bet. You can easily create unlimited surveys using the affordable basic free plan.

Key features of SurveyPlanet:

  • Create multilingual surveys in twenty languages.
  • Export survey results into five formats of pdf, excel, word, .csv, and json file.
  • Customize your survey themes by adding your own images, logos, colour coding, font, and more.
  • Question branching option creates a personalized experience for your survey takers.


SurveyPlanet pricing falls into two categories:

  • With a basic free plan you can create unlimited surveys with unlimited questions and collect unlimited responses.
  • Pro plan starts at $20/month or $180/year

Why We Picked It, What is unique about SurveyPlanet?

  • Cost-effective plan pricing
  • Easy to use UI with well spaced survey layout
  • Wide survey customization option to add images and videos
  • Versatile survey export formats

7. Survicate


Survicate is a comprehensive feedback collection tool that can be used by product development or marketing teams with ease. With this SoGoSurvey alternative, you can easily create a net promoter score (NPS) survey, website survey, In App survey, and much more within minutes.

Key features of Survicate:

  • Choose from versatile survey templates like customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey, customer effort score (CES) survey, product-market fit survey, user experience survey, and so on.
  • Integrate your survey with third party applications like Hubspot, Zapier, Google Analytics, and more.
  • Manage customer feedback in a centralized customer feedback hub.
  • Set up conversational surveys on intercom messenger.


Survicate pricing falls into four categories:

  • Forever free plan
  • Essential plan starts at $49/month
  • Professional plan starts at $99/month
  • Ultimate plan starts at $249/month

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Survicate?

  • Highly compatible with many third-party tools
  • Easy to export the survey data
  • Personalized experience with intercom integration
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface

8. Podium


Podium is a messaging tool that makes use of video chat, webchat, SMS, and much more to collect actionable feedback from your target audience. This SoGoSurvey alternative ensures that you do not miss out on valuable information on any channel.

Key features of Podium:

  • Easily manage your brand reputation by understanding what customers talk about your brand.
  • Monitor reviews and automate review requests to gain more feedback from your customers.
  • Use sentiment analysis features to spot the common trends in your customer reviews.
  • Conveniently send SMS payment links to your customers to close the deals at the earliest.


Custom pricing

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Podium?

  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to request Google reviews from customers via SMS
  • Effortlessly manage all your customers from a single platform

9. Nicereply


Nicereply is another popular feedback collection tool that makes use of CSAT, NPS, CES surveys, and so on to collect information from your desired audience. The intuitive dashboard helps you see the real-time reviews and comments for your brand.

Key features of Nicereply:

  • Versatile survey templates like customer satisfaction survey, customer effort score survey, net promoter score survey, In-signature survey, post-resolution survey, and more.
  • Access wide customization features like customizing survey domain, automatic trigger settings, customizing thank you page, adding brand logos, and so on.
  • Integration option with popular third party applications like Zendesk, LiveAgent, Freshdesk, and much more.
  • With advanced analytics features, benchmark your performance with that of the top competitors of your industry.


Nicereply pricing falls into four categories:

  • 14 days free trial (30 days money back guarantee)
  • Mini plan starts at $39/month, billed annually
  • Start plan starts at $79/month, billed annually
  • Grow plan starts at $159/month, billed annually
  • Business plan starts at $239/month, billed annually

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Nicereply?

  • Intuitive and easy to use UI
  • Option to easily integrate to a ticketing software to sort out customer complaints
  • Clear and detailed feedback collection

10. Typeform


Typeform is another SoGoSurvey alternative that is useful for creating innovative and conversational surveys. All you need to do is to sign up using your email address to access a free plan for both your personal or professional use.

Key features of Typeform:

  • Create versatile forms, quizzes, surveys, and tests templates.
  • Video library to access custom built-in templates.
  • Increase your survey response rates with conversational surveys.
  • Integrate your surveys to google sheets, slack, MailChimp, and so on.


Typeform pricing comes in the form of 4 plans:

  • Basic free plan
  • Essentials plan starts at $35/month
  • Professional plan starts at $35/month when you are paying for a year
  • Premium plan starts at $70/month

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Typeform?

  • Simple user interface
  • Hassle-free cloud integration
  • Easy to implement conditional logic

11. JotForm


The last in the list of best SoGoSurvey alternatives is Jotform which is an easy to use, intuitive online form builder. Using this tool, you can integrate with commonly used applications like Zoom, Google Sheets, DropBox, and more.

Key features of Jotform:

  • Choose from over 10,000+ form templates
  • Jotform mobile forms help you collect data from your target audience even in an offline manner.
  • With the online payments option, sell your products as well as collect donations.
  • Secure your forms with HIPAA compliance.


Jotform pricing falls into four categories:

  • Free starter plan
  • Bronze plan starts at $24/month, billed annually
  • Gold plan starts at $29/month, billed annually
  • Silver plan starts at $79/month, billed annually

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Jotform?

  • Easy to collect information with conditional form fields
  • Intuitive and simple UI
  • Attractive payments and integration option
Additional Resources For You:

Choose the Best SoGoSurvey Alternatives!

SoGoSurvey is a reliable and handy tool when it comes to feedback collection for academic and corporate purposes. From creating multilingual surveys to online test assessments, SoGoSurvey equips you with valuable survey creation and customization options.

But certain challenges like limited free trial features, lack of versatile templates, navigation issues, and more in SoGoSurvey makes it necessary to look for an alternative to SoGoSurvey.

Choose an alternative that has a generous free trial or basic free plan so that you can easily get a hands on all the important survey features. Look out for efficient navigation using page breaks, availability of customizable demographic templates, detailed reporting system, and more to choose the right SoGoSurvey alternative.

Looking for the best SoGoSurvey alternative for your business? Get started with ProProfs Survey Maker and access more than 100 000+ customizable survey templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top SoGoSurvey competitors?

The top SoGoSurvey competitors are ProProfs Survey Maker, Qualaroo, Jotform, SurveyMonkey, Survicate, and Typeform.

What is SoGoSurvey customer distribution based on company size?

SoGoSurvey is trusted by over 70 000 customers worldwide.

What is SoGoSurvey market share in the online survey?

SoGoSurvey market share in the online survey market is 0.05%

What are the top industries that use SoGoSurvey?

Top industries that use SoGoSurvey are Software and Information Technology.

What are the top countries that use SoGoSurvey?

Top countries that use SoGoSurvey are the US, UK, and Australia.

Do you want a free Survey Software?

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