Client Satisfaction Survey Template

Get one step closer to client retention with a professionally designed survey

How to Use this Template

What does a client satisfaction survey do?

Having satisfied clients is a sure-shot way to accelerate business growth. Client satisfaction surveys are popularly conducted to capture client feedback about your products, services, overall experience, etc. Such recorded feedback can then be used to form new operations or marketing strategies and improve the existing product or service line for overall progress.

Why is a client satisfaction survey important?

While you might have the best product/service development team, but nothing compares to receiving valuable insights directly from your clients. You can become aware of customer pain-points and improve upon them over the course of time. In addition to this, capturing feedback can help with client retention. When your business works to improve client satisfaction, you eventually gain loyal clients. Moreover, client survey templates will allow you to understand the number of customers who would go the extra mile to promote your brand within their personal and professional circles.

When and where to use a client satisfaction survey?

Client survey questions can be floated across your clients on a monthly or quarterly basis. However, most companies share this survey soon after their client has an interaction with their support or sales team. This helps in reviewing how capable a representative was in addressing complaints or resolving queries. ProProfs’ client satisfaction survey allows you to monitor client interactions and lets you gauge their overall satisfaction levels. These surveys can be effortlessly sent to the personal email addresses of your clients or shared on your social media pages using a link to gather maximum responses.

How to use the results of a client satisfaction survey

The results of this survey will help you realize if your business is on the right track towards client retention or not. ProProfs’ client satisfaction template allows you to dig a little dipper and understand your clients like never before. If your business has a 60-70% of client base with a positive score, you can rest assured that you have “word-of-mouth” sales working for you 24x7. On the other hand, if a majority of customers are dissatisfied, they can shed the much-needed light upon improvement areas. Conducting client satisfaction surveys is only half the battle won unless you check and review major drawbacks in your process.

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