Complaint Web Form Template

Help customers share valuable feedback using a complaint form on your website

How To Use The Complaint Web Form Template

What does this web form do?

This is a simple contact form, providing you with information about the nature of the complaint and details about the complaint. This form makes it easy for customers to contact you directly on your website. This form is set up so that you can gather basic information like name and email address, with room for a free-form complaint. This makes it easy for all types of people to contact you anytime, anywhere, and using the device of their choice.

Why is this form important?

This form can help web visitors quickly and easily submit a complaint about your company. Web visitors appreciate the opportunity to contact companies via an online form instead of via email or phone. You will find it easier to monitor contact requests by gathering them using an online form. You can respond to complaints and watch for trends to monitor performance.

Where to use this form?

You can embed this form on your website to collect customer, employee and partner complaints anytime and conveniently using their computers, smartphones or tablets.

How to use the results of this form?

You have the ability to view all complaints online or download them to your desktop for meta-analysis. Use Complaint Forms to implement changes and monitor results.

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