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10 Best LimeSurvey Alternatives & Competitors for 2024

LimeSurvey Alternatives

Looking for a good alternative to the LimeSurvey tool? Well, we got you covered.

Limesurvey is a fantastic open-source application with tons of features to create and manage surveys. Those who have used it know it’s a solid survey software option.

So why would anyone look for an alternative?

Because each customer is different and has specific requirements. They may be looking for:

  • Improved UI
  • Better pricing
  • Advanced reporting
  • More deployment options
  • Better security and access control

That’s why we have compiled this list of the best LimeSurvey alternatives so you can make a well-informed decision. Here’s what we have covered for each tool:

  • Salient features
  • Pros
  • Suitable business type (Small, medium, or big)
  • Pricing

So, take out your checklist and find the right tool for your business. Let’s go.

10 Top LimeSurvey Alternatives for 2024 (Features & Price Compared)

1.ProProfs Survey Maker

When it comes to comparable features and pricing, ProProfs Survey Maker comes out on top. The platform is designed to handle everything that you throw at it.

You can create and track entire survey campaigns to collect actionable insights from customers and prospects to drive various decisions. Conduct market research, gauge customer satisfaction, run competitive analysis, and map customers’ experiences using targeted surveys.

The tool also provides features to collect employee feedback and run performance assessments to improve the work environment. You can define user permissions to improve data security and confidentiality.

Plus, the presentation-ready reports and multi-channel reach make ProProfs Survey Maker a perfect Limesurvey alternative.

Suitable for:  Small to big enterprises
Integration APIs:  Yes


Starts at $19/month, billed annually


  • Provides a visual builder to create beautiful surveys, quizzes, and polls.
  • Leverage 100+ templates, visual questions, 15+ question types, branching logic, and scoring to collect customer insights.
  • Supports over 70 languages to reach different demographics.
  • Embed the survey on your website, add it to the app, or create a shareable link for social media and other channels.
  • Built-in survey themes and plenty of customization options.
  • In-depth reporting and dashboard to track survey results and extract valuable insights.
  • Integrates seamlessly with other tools like Salesforce and MailChimp.

Why Choose ProProfs Survey Maker?

Option to add a feedback sidebar to the website for collecting unsolicited feedback.
Extensive survey question repository with over 100k questions.
Ability to collaborate with other teams on submitted surveys.

2. SurveySparrow


If you are looking for an alternative to Limesurvey with customer and employee experience management systems, check out SurveySparrow. The survey platform is ideal for designing conversational surveys to get more responses and ensure feedback data quality.

Plus, the executive reporting dashboard lets you collate the data in one place for improved analysis and collaboration. So, you can collect customer insights across multiple touchpoints to get a complete view of customers’ journeys and use the feedback to design truly omnichannel experiences.

Suitable for: Small to big businesses
Integrations: Yes


Contact for a quote


  • Visual survey editor and over 500 pre-made templates to create conversational surveys.
  • Publish surveys on the website, app, social media, and other touchpoints.
  • Built-in centralized dashboard to analyze survey data from multiple channels in one place.
  • Track survey metrics with real-time reporting and visual dashboards.
  • Supports numerous integration APIs like MailChimp, Slack, and Salesforce.

Why Choose SurveySparrow?

  • Real-time collaboration option for dashboard.
  • Multiple survey embed options like pop-up, inline, chatbot, etc.

3. Google Forms

 Google Forms

A more simplistic alternative to Limesurveys, Google Forms offers limited features and reporting capabilities compared to other tools on the list. This makes it more suitable for individuals and small-scale survey campaigns. You can create online forms and surveys and share them over the website, email, social media, SMS, and other channels to collect targeted feedback.

It also offers visual charts and reports to project the feedback data in real time. And if you are using Google Suite, you can easily export the raw data to Google Spreadsheets for in-depth analysis.

Suitable for: Small to medium businesses
Integrations: Yes


The tool is Free


  • Offers a visual builder for designing online surveys and forms.
  • Provides basic skip logic, multiple question types, survey scoring, and shuffle options.
  • Flexible theme and color customization options.
  • Embed the surveys on your website or share them via a link.
  • Supports real-time reporting.
  • Offers integration APIs with tools like Asana and Trello.

Why Choose Google Forms?

  • Provides team Collaboration options within forms.
  • Offers native Google Workspace integration.
  • Responsive survey design.

4. SurveyPlanet

SurveyPlanet is a free LimeSurvey Alternative with robust features to create, deploy, and manage online surveys. There are tons of customization and design features for various survey use cases, such as market research, product experience evaluation, employee feedback, and brand awareness.

One key feature that makes SurveyPlanet similar to Limesurvey is its multi-language support, which automatically expands your survey campaigns’ reach to a worldwide audience.

Suitable for: Small to large businesses


Paid plans start at $180 per year


  • Ready-to-use survey templates, 100+ questions, and custom themes to create surveys in minutes.
  • Supports multimedia questions to make surveys more engaging.
  • Native responsive design for tablets, desktops, and mobile phones.
  • Support for over 30 languages.

Why Choose SurveyPlanet?

  • Extensive survey branching and logic control.
  • Extensive survey customization options to add logos, fonts, and colors.
  • Customizable survey URL.

5. Cognito Forms

From targeted surveys to full-fledged payment forms, If there is a form type in your mind, Cognito Forms can create it with ease. Collect feedback, generate leads, accept payments, run assessments, and more using the same tool. Cognito Forms also lets you set workflows to automate the campaign, making it one of the best LimeSurvey alternatives on the market. It means the system would send the surveys, alert you about the responses, and generate reports automatically.

Suitable for: Small to medium businesses
Integrations: Yes


Paid plans start at $15/month


  • Built-in drag-and-drop creator to design online surveys and forms.
  • Add the surveys to your website or share them on multiple channels via links.
  • Provides question branching, single or multi-page forms, and response limitation options.
  • Set automatic notifications for new responses on surveys.
  • Intuitive dashboard for tracking survey metrics, viewing customer information, and analyzing feedback.
  • Integrates with other workspace tools like Sharepoint and Zapier.

Why Choose Cognito Forms?

  • Design fully functional payment forms.
  • Capture respondents’ e-signatures on the form.

6. SurveyLegend

If data analysis tops your requirements list, SurveyLegend is worth every penny. This Limesurvey alternative provides one of the most comprehensive reporting capabilities to track the survey campaign metrics. You can dig through the data quickly using built-in dashboards, charts, filter options, and native integration APIs. Plus, the intuitive survey editor, flexible customization options, and multi-channel reach make it a complete customer feedback management system.

Suitable for: Small to big businesses
Integrations: Yes


Paid plans start at $15/month, billed annually


  • Extensive survey question repository and pre-built templates to create surveys in minutes.
  • Embed the survey on your website, create a web link, or share it via link.
  • Supports over 30 languages, question branching, branding options, and enhanced security features.
  • Built-in survey themes and customization options.
  • In-depth reporting section with 4+ charts, filters, and sorting options to make data analysis easier.
  • Integration options for Segment, Google Analytics, and Optimizely.

Why Choose SurveyLegend?

  • Supports multi-media surveys and anonymous data collection.
  • Advanced conditional survey logic for improved relevancy and data quality.

7. Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is an online survey tool that is part of the Office 365 suite. It’s similar to Google Forms in terms of features and applicability. You can create simple surveys and quizzes to collect feedback from the target audience, i.e., customers or employees. The design is simplistic, with fewer customization options compared to other tools.

However, the reporting section of Microsoft Forms is quite comprehensive and provides a number of options to visualize the raw data using presentation-ready reports and charts. Plus, you can export the data to other Microsoft 365 products with a click.

Suitable for: Small to big enterprises
Integrations: Yes


Comes with the Microsoft 365 suite. Starts at 32/user/month billed annually.


  • Create engaging surveys, forms, and quizzes to collect required data.
  • Provides question scoring, multiple question types, randomizer, progress bar, and visual questions.
  • Set notification settings and data access options for surveys.
  • Add the survey to your website, share it with a QR code, or create a shareable link.
  • In-depth reporting to monitor feedback data in real time.
  • Native integration with OneNote, Microsoft Teams, and Excel.

Why Choose Microsoft Teams?

  • Suitable to use at individual and enterprise levels.
  • Added security and user roles for employee forms.
  • Option to export data to PowerBI for in-depth analysis.

8. Paperform

PaperForm is another top LimeSurvey alternative for building different types of online survey forms. Its form builder is built from the ground up to be intuitive and easy to work with. The tool also features one of the largest template libraries in any survey tool. So, just pick a template, customize it to your needs, and deploy the survey to start collecting data.

What’s more, you can also create other form types for accepting registration, payments, bookings, etc., without needing a separate tool.

Suitable for: Small to mid-sized businesses
Integration: Yes


Starts from $12.50/month


  • Added survey and form templates like customer onboarding, lead generation, and feedback.
  • Built-in collaboration tools and workflow automation options.
  • Provides a WYSIWYG editor to create beautiful surveys and forms.
  • Multiple survey and theme customization options.
  • Integrate with other tools like ActiveCampaign, Slack, and Trello.

Why Choose PaperForm?

  • Create full-fledged payment forms.
  • Option to add custom conditional rules.

9. Survs

Survs lets you collect real-time feedback with ease over multiple channels at once. As a top Limesurvey alternative, it offers powerful features to create, distribute, and analyze surveys and online questionnaires quickly. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create surveys in minutes, while the in-depth reporting section lets you monitor the responses in real time.

The UI is simplistic but quite user-friendly, with little to no learning curve. It also has several collaboration options for teams to work together on the feedback data.

Suitable for: Small to medium enterprises
Integrations: Yes


Paid plans at $19/month


  • Drag-&-drop builder with multiple question types, skip logic, and piping options.
  • Supports over 29 languages.
  • Survey theme customization and branding options.
  • Pass value through survey link with custom URL variables.
  • Embed the survey on your website, create a shareable link, send via mail, or share on social media.
  • Real-time reporting with advanced filters and sorting options.
  • Export data as Excel, CSV, or SPSS.

Why Choose Survs?

  • Share survey results with teams and collaborate on reports.
  • Set Assign roles and user permissions.

10. Zoho Survey

Zoho is another powerful online survey tool and a fitting Limesurvey alternative. The platform is designed to be scalable to find any business type. So, you can create individual surveys or complete market research campaigns without breaking a sweat. Plus, the advanced reporting features and customizable dashboards let you visualize the response trends to make informed decisions.

What’s more, Zoho also offers a dedicated audience panel to help you find the right audience for your survey campaigns.

Suitable for: Small to big businesses
Integration: Yes


Paid plans start at $25/month


  • Create survey questionnaires, polls, and feedback forms with a drag & drop editor.
  • Offers 25+ question types, skip logic, piping, scoring, response limiter, and 200+ survey templates.
  • Supports over 30 languages to expand the survey reach.
  • Send the survey via the web link, domain link, QR code, and social media.
  • Real-time reporting with different report types like cross-tab and trend.
  • Integrate with other workspace tools like MailChimp, Zapier, and Google Drive.

Why Choose Zoho Surveys?

  • Add custom variables and fields to the surveys.
  • Password protection for surveys.

Get Started With the Right LimeSurvey Alternative

There you have it – all the top Limesurvey competitors in one place. If you are still confused about which one to pick, here’s our advice:

Start by making a priority list of features you want in your tool. Then, start looking for tools that fit your criteria. For example, if you want robust data analysis capabilities, you can go for ProProfs Survey Maker or SurveyLegend.

Now that you have narrowed down your choices, you can look into each tool more carefully to pick the best one.

Remember, more features don’t mean the tool is better. It’s the one that seamlessly integrates with your processes that will be the winner.

So, browse through our list and start your survey campaigns today!

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About the author

Emma David is a seasoned market research professional with 8+ years of experience. Having kick-started her journey in research, she has developed rich expertise in employee engagement, survey creation and administration, and data management. Emma believes in the power of data to shape business performance positively. She continues to help brands and businesses make strategic decisions and improve their market standing through her understanding of research methodologies.