Customer Loyalty Survey Template

Grow your users into an army of loyal customers

How to Use this Template

What does a customer loyalty survey do?

From big MNCs to start-ups, business owners agree that loyal customers are their real assets. Customer loyalty surveys help you determine the number of loyal customers and their likelihood of doing business with you again in the future. You can also identify your dissatisfied customers and focus on improvement areas to convert them into loyal ones.

Why is a customer loyalty survey important?

As a business, you must have wondered why some customers keep purchasing from you while others leave you over a period of time. A customer loyalty survey, helps you gauge the tendency of your customers to stick with your business even in the presence of potential competitors in the market. Most businesses spend a hefty amount in terms of marketing costs, however, your loyal customers can reduce acquisition costs and increase profitability. Moreover, customer loyalty questions allow you to leverage the power of word of mouth marketing by helping you identify your repeat buyers. You get the chance to understand your customer’s purchase behavior to serve them better.

When and where to use a customer loyalty survey?

Customer loyalty surveys must be shared with your users on a periodic basis. You can share this survey at the end of each month or quarter and evaluate the number of times customers made a purchase from you. Another option would be to share this survey post the closure of a sale and check how likely is a customer to buy again from you and refer your brand to others. Such surveys are a great way to let your customers know that their feedback is valued and your business is ready to go the extra mile to retain them. You can share these surveys over email, text, or embed them directly on your website.

How to use the results of a customer loyalty survey

ProProfs’customer loyalty template helps you distinguish your loyal customers from dissatisfied customers. The results can help you analyze the frequency of purchases made by a customer, their preferred choice of buying from you (online/offline), and their likelihood of acting as ‘active promoters’ for your brand. It is important to note that, while your loyal customers help you increase your profits, they also market your brand within their circles, eventually bringing in more customers. On the other hand, if a majority of customers show fewer chances of recommending your business, this is a clear indicator that your process needs improvement. Using the results in the right manner and initiating the necessary improvements will help your business establish long-term relationships with customers.

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