Get a Quote Web Form Template

Easily collect leads on your website with an offer to provide a free quote to prospects

How To Use The Get a Quote Web Form Template?

What does this web form do?

This form makes it easy for customers and prospects to contact you in order to obtain a quote from your business. This is an excellent lead generation tool. This form is set up so that you can easily insert the facets of your product. Information-gathering questions include the type of product needed, the quantity, level of quality, and price range. Once the customer has told you about the type of quote they need, your sales team can follow up.

Why is this form important?

This form can help companies quickly and efficiently gather leads from prospective customers right on their website. Rather than making customers call or email for a quote, customers can enter all of the relevant information and begin the process right on your website. Your sales team will appreciate how easy it is to keep track of and assign leads using online forms.

Where to use this form?

The Get a Quote Web Form can be embedded on your website so that customers don’t have to take the extra step of emailing or phoning you for a quote.

How to use the results of this form?

You can download responses and assign leads easily and quickly using the data collected using this web form. All leads will be stored online so they are never lost. You can use the flags to indicate which ones need action or even add notes next to each lead.

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