Free Online Healthcare Survey Template

Capture insightful feedback from patients with healthcare surveys

How to Use this Template

What does the healthcare survey do?

This survey helps you work towards improving communication between patients and healthcare providers. Measure patient happiness and enhance your facility's healthcare arrangements with the actionable feedback captured using our ready-to-use, professionally designed survey template.

Why is the healthcare survey important?

Capturing and acting on patient feedback goes a long way in ensuring the healthcare services provided are top-notch. Besides, healthcare survey questions also help identify potential liabilities like patient safety or knowledge gaps among staff efficiently.

When and where to use the healthcare survey?

Asking the right questions to the right people at the right time gets you quality data. It’s ideal to get the pulse of your patients as well as your healthcare staff regularly. Share the healthcare survey with your patients (customers) right after they visit your facility, while for the inhouse staff, it could be once every six months. Use patient satisfaction surveys to improve your services and come up with strategies that make your services more prompt. Employee or healthcare staff surveys help you identify potential issues they are facing or areas where they need to be trained further.

How to use the results of the healthcare survey

The AI-powered reports combine statistics and responses that give you a sneak peek into your nursing staff's sentiment and what your patients think of your services. Use the feedback received towards improving patients’ experience with you by providing quality healthcare facilities. Safeguard the results captured with our healthcare surveys and protect patient’s privacy with secure HIPAA compliant features.

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