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Renewal International underscores the significance of life, the reality of eternity, and the paramount importance of people. Central to the organization is Dr. Vance Hardisty, a seasoned professional with over 45 years of public speaking experience. He has made his mark in 9 countries and has been a guiding force for CEOs, entrepreneurs, pastors, and leaders. Dr. Hardisty’s literary contributions include best-selling books, and he has also co-hosted radio shows. Renewal International is not just about imparting wisdom; it's about inspiring hope. This is evident in their promoted books like "Life Can Be Great" and "Rainbows in Cobwebs." These works aim to provide readers with insights into leading a purposeful life and discovering hope amidst life's challenges.


Vance Hardisty's nonprofit ministry aimed to train pastors in India and Africa on marriage and parenting, fostering stronger relationships with God and their families. However, understanding cultural nuances, vetting local coordinators, and gathering effective feedback posed significant challenges.

“We want to know what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling, what they’re struggling with, what questions they have, what topics they want us to cover.”


The ministry turned to ProProfs Survey Maker. This tool enabled them to design and distribute surveys tailored to their audience, gathering feedback on marriage and parenting topics. Additionally, it facilitated the process of collecting information from and verifying the credentials of local coordinators.

“We use ProProfs Survey Maker to send out surveys to our new contacts and our existing contacts. We also use it to send out surveys to our local coordinators. We ask them for their personal information, their references, their theological beliefs, their experience in ministry, their vision for their region.”


With the insights from ProProfs Survey Maker, the ministry could better understand the cultural contexts of their target audience. They ensured collaborations with genuine local coordinators, leading to more impactful and culturally sensitive training sessions. As a result, their reach and positive influence expanded significantly in both India and Africa.

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