ProProfs Survey Maker

Enhance your customer’s experience by integrating ProProfs Survey Maker with Freshdesk.

About ProProfs Survey Maker Integration with Freshdesk

ProProfs Survey Maker provides smooth integration with Freshdesk to help you gather valuable insights through customer surveys, feedback forms, and NPS surveys. Convert customer feedback from your surveys straight into tickets on your Freshdesk dashboard. Share and build your email lists with easy-to-use integration.

Benefits of ProProfs Survey Maker Integration with Freshdesk

  • Streamline Customer Feedback
  • ProProfs Survey Makers allows you to track whether customers have given feedback for your services or not. Once the feedback is received in Freshdesk as a ticket, your operators can use it to improve their customer experience further

  • Provide Instant Response
  • Add predetermined tags to sort feedback into tickets. By sorting feedbacks based on departmental and action based tags, Freshdesk integration with surveys can speed up your customer support and make it more efficient.

Key Features of ProProfs Survey Maker Integration With Freshdesk

  • Convert Customer Feedback into Tickets
  • Freshdesk integration with surveys allows you to sort responses into categories by tagging them. Based on these tags, Freshdesk turns feedback received from customer surveys into actionable tickets for you to act upon

  • Know Your Customers Better
  • Integrating Freshdesk with ProProfs Survey Maker allows you to collect valuable customer information through surveys. Once the data has been collated on your dashboard, personalize future communication with your customers to provide a superior experience.

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