Online Booking Form Template

Make reservations seamless with ready online booking form

What is an Online Booking Form?

An online booking form lets your website visitors reserve their spots or seats with you without going through the trouble of getting on a call or chat. It simplifies the process for both the customers and the organization. A person willing to take time and provide contact information is a prospect ready to convert. But if they have to jump through hoops to make a reservation, they will probably go somewhere else. It means a loss of direct revenue.

With this ready-to-use booking form template, you can plug these unnecessary drop-offs along the sales funnel. The interested visitors can quickly fill out the form at their convenience on your website. Once you have their contact information and requirements, you can reach out to them with all the details to finalize the booking.

Online Booking Form

Why Use Online Booking Form Template by ProProfs?

Suitable for any business
Suitable for any business

If you take reservations in your business, this online booking form template is precisely what you need. We have designed it to serve any business type without overhauling the entire form. Whether you are an event organization company, run a medical clinic, host a hotel website, or any other business, you can add this form to your website and accept new bookings effortlessly.

Highly customizable
Highly customizable

You can customize our booking form template in any way you want, like adding new data fields using 20+ question types to collect more information. If you have limited seating, you can limit the number of form submissions and even stop duplicate bookings from the settings to prevent scams.

Simplify the booking process
Simplify the booking process

Instead of taking manual requests, use our booking form to compile the reservation data in the Survey Maker dashboard automatically. Track new bookings, number of reservations for a given category, and total attendance. Easily share the data with the sales team via a shareable link, pdf, and CSV. Free up your staff from repeated customer calls, chats, and emails.

When & Where to Use an Online Booking Form Template?

When to use & share?

ProProfs online booking form can be used on any website to take bookings for events, webinars, online classes, consultations, appointments, hotel rooms, vacation houses, and other purposes.

Where to use & share?

You can embed our booking form on relevant pages on your website like homepage, event page, and contact page to collect booking data that your customers can enter any time, anywhere, using their computers, smartphones, or tablets.

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