Website Satisfaction Survey Template

Get real-time insights on how happy your website visitors are

What is a Website Satisfaction Survey?

A website satisfaction survey helps evaluate how happy or satisfied visitors are with your website’s usability, design, and performance. Your business might have the best UI developers; however, nothing compares to capturing feedback about your website directly from the users.

For example, this website satisfaction survey template offers a well-curated questionnaire to help you realize the performance of your website and other vital parameters, such as content quality, user-friendliness, overall design, ease of navigation, and more. Figure out if people could complete their desired actions and how easy it was to do so.

Why Use Our Website Satisfaction Survey Template?

Suitable for any website
Suitable for any website

Our free website satisfaction survey template is suited for any business website. Whether you host a hotel website, an educational platform, or a saas-based product, you can use this survey to evaluate its performance and design. Customize it to your needs in minutes with 20+ question types, skip-logic, and other customization options, and you’re good to go.

Real-time performance reports
Real-time performance reports

ProProfs Survey Maker provides real-time analytics to translate raw data into presentation-ready reports and charts. Get a quick peek of overall customer satisfaction, track changes in CSAT scores with time, and study individual survey responses to make data-backed decisions.

Deliver a seamless website experience
Deliver a seamless website experience

97% of visitors make purchase decisions based on their website experience. That’s why it needs to be flawless, or you’ll lose potential customers. With ProProfs’ Website Satisfaction Survey Template you can identify the gap between the ideal and actual website experience using targeted questions. Then channel these insights into your optimization strategies to build a satisfying experience.

When & Where to Use a Website Satisfaction Survey Template?

When to use & share?

A website satisfaction survey can be added to any web page, such as your checkout page, product page, home page, and so on. ProProfs Survey Maker offers in-depth targeting options for you to show the survey to the right people at the right time.

Where to use & share?

There are multiple modes to use the website satisfaction survey template. You can embed it directly into the web page, show it as a pop-up, or add it as a feedback sidebar form. If you collect post-purchase satisfaction feedback, you can send it via mail or SMS. Mix and match different methods to find the ones that maximize the response rate without annoying the visitors.

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