Post-Event Survey Template

Capture attendees’ feedback easily with this ready-to-use post-event survey template

What Is a Post-Event Survey?

A post-event survey allows you to gauge the success of your event and ensure attendees continue to visit your future events. Post- event surveys unveil what went well, what did not, and help you measure the overall satisfaction of people who attended your event.

If you are here looking for this survey, you have likely finished your event. Well, congratulations! Get started with a post event survey template right away.

Post-event survey

Why Use Our Post-Event Survey Template?

One-Click Questions

Single-click questions make it easier for the users to respond. With post-event survey questions, you can gauge the effectiveness of your event marketing strategies and calculate the return on investment.

Capture Attendance

While a lot of people might promise to attend your event, this free post-event survey template lets you measure the number of people who were actually present. Repeat guests in the coming events would mean further marketing of your brand.

Effortless Integration

Capture all the valuable insights using our post-event evaluation survey template and transfer captured leads to your favorite tools like Mailchimp, Freshdesk, Salesforce, etc.

When and Where to Use a Post-Event Survey?

When to use and share?

Share the post-event survey on the last day of the event to capture feedback online or directly on paper. You can also share this survey a few days after your event has been successfully concluded. Make sure you are not too late as the sooner you share, the better.

When and where to share?

You can easily share using a link over the personal email addresses of the participants, on your social media pages, or directly embed it on your website.

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