Trade Show Survey Template

Capture participant feedback with professionally designed trade show survey

How to Use this Template

What does a trade show survey do?

Trade events give you the opportunity to meet and connect with prospective clients. A trade show survey lets you measure the overall satisfaction and experience of participants who attended your event. The right survey, when shared at the right time, can offer you a great chance to generate good intel and market your products or services to potential customers or businesses.

Why is a trade show survey important?

As a business, the actions you take after exhibiting at a trade event are as important as all the efforts that go into planning to make it a success. Following up with prospects using a meaningful trade show survey makes them feel valued. The number of sales you close in an event might tell you how successful your products/services will be in the market. However, the real success comes down to realizing the experience participants had with your business during the trade event. Sharing this survey becomes more important because most trade shows allow businesses from the same industry to participate. You would always want to be ahead of your competitors, be it in business or at any event.

When and where to use a trade show survey?

A trade show survey can be shared days before the trade event to understand participant expectations, interests, and their likelihood of attending the show. On the other hand, a post-event trade show survey can be shared as soon as your event is moving towards the closing, usually on the last day of the event. Most organizations share surveys both before and after the event to ensure maximum success for future trade shows. You can share such surveys using a link over email, text message, or on your social media pages. You can also embed the link directly on your website for maximum responses.

How to use the results of a trade show survey

This trade show survey template includes a range of relevant questions that will ensure that you capture feedback almost instantly. The results will allow you to realize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and their respective return on investment. As a feedback-driven business, you can capture opinions on various parameters including, booth cleanliness, location, politeness of representatives, products/services on display, and many others. Also, by putting forth open-ended questions, you can better understand participant pain-points and look to work on improvement areas. This would only make your future participation at trade events more fruitful.

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