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Why Customer Satisfaction Survey Is Important For Business Growth

Why Customer Satisfaction Survey Is Important For Business Growth

Can you imagine the mindset of customers who are satisfied with a business?

After a negative experience, certain emotions come to the forefront, which can be-Frustration, disappointment, and disrespect.  The impact of these emotional outbursts is immediately seen on a brand’s sales and performance.

Let us understand what does the word satisfaction implies for a brand? Satisfaction is a top-notch emotion customers feel when they are thrilled with a product or service.

When does it happen? Unlike common assumptions that say customers feel satisfied when they feel important or valued, or a company has met their expectations; a customer feels satisfied when businesses keep their promises of providing a positive customer experience.

One should never ignore the importance of customer satisfaction, which comes from a great customer experience.

Here’s a blog on how to achieve customer satisfaction that can help you out. Before that, let us try to understand why customer satisfaction is non-negotiable.

Why is Customer Satisfaction Important?

When aiming towards customer satisfaction, companies should remember three words- Listen, Listen, and Listen!

Why do you think it’s important? Because customers are the final arbiters of quality. Brands needn’t only acknowledge the customer but give them undivided attention. Not only do they have to be very attentive towards customers’ complaints, but they have to respect their urgency and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Customer satisfaction survey are the best way to maintain a constant dialogue with the customer and listen to what they want to say.

What is a customer satisfaction survey? In simple words, a customer satisfaction survey is a questionnaire comprising specifically designed questions that help you understand the customers’ perception of your brand, products/services, and customer support in a better manner.

The data obtained by these surveys provide useful insights that support decisions.

Certain question examples like:

“What do you think we should improve in our products/services?”

“How happy are you with your purchase?”

…provide information that enables businesses to make efforts to make improvements in their offerings.

The aim of carrying out a survey is to manage customer satisfaction. The results are largely related to the customer’s happiness and loyalty. The more they are happy, the more are the chances of repeat purchase.

Deploy Online Customer Satisfaction Survey

Unfortunately, companies don’t prioritize customer satisfaction in their to-do list. Certainly, they have bigger things to tackle, like revenue, KPIs, employee performance, and more.

However, companies fail to understand that when they give their customers a platform to speak, they learn a lot about how they are performing and what they can do to make things better.

The best part- It will unleash why you are not getting the big numbers you are aiming at and what can be done in lieu.

The online customer satisfaction survey is a simple way to gauge brand loyalty and customer retention. Invest in a good online survey maker to establish a consistent customer feedback system and improve your business practices. There are certain features of online survey software that eases the tasks of producing surveys and sharing them with their target audience.

Some of the important features are:

  • Ready-to-use survey templates
  • 1,000,000+ thoughtfully- written survey questions
  • Survey sharing on social media, email, or embed on a website via link.
  • Robust analytics and reporting
  • API integrations with popular tools

Here are some of the major reasons laying the importance of customer satisfaction surveys:

1. Customer Satisfaction Surveys Are Proactive

Steve Jobs once said, “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you can tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves”.

This quote clearly depicts that the best way to achieve customer expectation is to exceed the expectations that even the customer didn’t know they have.

The best form of customer support is not to wait for customers to bring an issue themselves to get it resolved, but to reach out to the customers proactively to offer solutions related to products, innovations, upgrades that provide value to the customers for the money they spend.

The approach of customer satisfaction surveys is proactive. Instead of waiting for customers to make comments, the surveys allow organizations to reach their customers much before they share their experiences with the outer world.

Getting feedback from the target audience gives companies a fair representation of how the masses think about them. Companies can generalize the results to the rest of the customers to bring about improvements/changes for better.

2. Help Build a Strong Connection With the Customers

How do you think strong relationships are made? When others know that you care and are ready to go the extra mile to make them happy.

Your customers can be available anywhere, and they want to be heard. They need to communicate with you in their preferred mode, be it via an app, chat or messaging.

Customer satisfaction surveys built using an online survey make allow you to reach your audience via social media, email, and website.

After you have received their feedback, brands should take ownership and resolve them in the way that it never occurs again. This is a surefire way to build an emotional connection with them based on empathy, understanding, and action.

3. Acts as a Brand Differentiator

Why does a customer choose one brand over the other? Many studies have shown that more the customer identifies with a brand, greater is their resistance towards competitors trying to lure them into winning business.

Customers become more loyal to a brand if their one or more than one differential needs are met. Customer satisfaction surveys give companies statistics on these loyal customers who can turn into their brand advocates.

Asking precise questions like “what do you like most in the product?’ or “ Which feature in the product adds value to your purchase?”, or “ Why did you prefer our brand over others?”, gives companies insights in helping their brand stand tall among their competitors.

4. Measure Positive Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Did you know that customers tend to share their negative experiences with more people than positive experiences?

What is the biggest challenge for a company? Customers, in most cases, will never tell you first they are happy or unhappy. In this digital age, they prefer going online and posting comments about their experience for others to see and learn.

Customer satisfaction surveys help you get the numbers on satisfied and dissatisfied customers. Knowing the number of happy customers and positive feedback gives a sense of positivity and confidence.

Those who are dissatisfied or have complaints are the ones who need a more focused approach as any negative review or feedback can be damaging to your brand. Follow-ups and required actions are a must in both cases to strengthen your image before the customers.

5. Reveals Areas of Improvement

We all love undivided attention. Customer satisfaction surveys give businesses the opportunity of  personalized interaction with prospects and customers. The interactions become more than important in the case of customers who found the product/services mediocre or poor.

Contacting customers to get feedback helps you know the areas where the business is good and where it needs improvement.

For example,

  • How would you rate our customer services?
  • How responsive have we been to your questions or concerns about our products?
  • Was our website easy to navigate?

Such questions help you uncover a variety of areas the customer finds unsatisfactory. They can then make changes before the feedback takes a toll on the company’s reputation.


Watch: How to Create a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Happy or satisfied customers are an asset to a company. Their brand loyalty leads to repeat business. Their positive word of mouth and product/service recommendation to family and friends acts as an informal referral.

The purpose of customer satisfaction surveys is to establish a communication avenue with the customer base and address their issues before they go viral. It is vital to have a reliable and fully functional survey maker to record and analyze feedback at a given time. However, this can be done smartly, in less time.

Create attractive and engaging customer satisfaction surveys to get actionable feedback with survey software like ProProfs Survey Maker that comes with ready-to-use survey templates and questions for free. After that, all you are left with is to create and implement strategies by acting on the collected data to grow your brand. Follow customer satisfaction survey best practices when designing surveys to make the maximum number of customers take the survey and achieve the desired results.

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