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Multi Lingual Survey – Where Does It Matter?


English is the global language of business, travel, and pleasure. Yet English is only spoken by 20% of the world’s population. That’s roughly around 1.5 billion people out of which only 360 million are native English speakers. Putting that into context, native English speakers are less than 5% out of the global population of 7 billion people. Doesn’t look like the most widely spoken language anymore, does it?

Even though the internet and social media have proven an effective way of overcoming the language barrier to an extent, the barrier still exists. For a non-native English speaker, especially someone who is still in the process of acclimatizing to the language, having to answer questions in English could be rather intimidating. People would prefer to read and answer questions in their own language than in a new language they have adopted.

If you are an organization catering to a worldwide audience over the internet, you cannot let your services be bound by the confines of one language. The connectivity provided by the internet has all but ensured that any services provided will garner interest on a global stage. This is why multilingualism is the next step towards growth.

Serving a global audience that speaks multiple languages can be challenging. Collecting consumer data, feedback and insights from them can be a hindrance if they are unable to convey their thoughts in a clear concise manner. This is why you need a way to gather such information in their native languages. Investing in a multilingual survey software can help you overcome this inconvenience.

To give you a rough idea of the importance of multi-lingual survey software, listed below are some of the industries where multilingual surveys are of importance:


The aviation industry caters to all kinds of customers: international tourists, domestic travelers or business professionals. The diversity in its clientele is the building block of its success. So it makes no sense for the aviation industry to use a single language in its communication. Particularly, a survey that might be comprehensible to one passenger may be an alien text for another. You could miss out on vital feedback regarding flight experience, food service or even a heartwarming testimonial from a delighted customer. You cannot afford to continue doing business with the assumption that a single language will serve all your purposes.


Proper healthcare is a universal right and need. People regular travel to a foreign country for better healthcare services. There are also cases where tourists fall ill or face an accident during their travels. How do you serve patients who are unable to properly communicate their medical problems due to a language barrier? Of course, you could hire a translator, but you could miss out on vital details that could be lost in translation? Giving your patients a way of expressing their concerns in their native tongue gives you a better hold of what they are undergoing at the time.


A study conducted by the Babson Survey Research found that close to 6.5 million students in the United States are pursuing an online course or distance education. This number will be much larger on a global scale. Students and professionals alike are opting for online courses to enhance their skills. So, making your training course more engaging to all students is an essential need. If you conduct a multilingual education survey among your students, you will not only get a better grasp of their educational needs, but it will also help you formulate in-depth teaching methods to better serve them.

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Since their inception, the global automotive industry has been dominated by multinational organizations that have a presence across the world. They reach out to customers in numerous countries for their performance analysis and feedback. They also have vendors who cater to different auto components and services in their manufacturing process. So there is a necessity to send and receive communication in multiple languages during their manufacturing and sales processes. Automotive companies can surely carry out feedback surveys in multiple languages that help them collect insights from diverse people.


Where would the world be without computers and the applications that run on them! Today, software is truly a global service, which is reaching out to more areas than you would have possibly imagined. And considering the impact software companies have had on the global economy, providing multiple language support is now a prerequisite. Providing service and collecting feedback from a customer in their native tongue is a part of your customer experience. Using that information and refining your product to serve them better will only endear your customers and cultivate brand loyalty.

These are just a few instances where multilingual support is required. As connectivity continues to grow, so will the scale of your audience. As such, it is becoming increasingly important to facilitate the needs and wishes of every customer impacted by whatever service you provide. Be it education, healthcare or even market research, the importance of a survey maker that supports multiple languages cannot be stressed enough. Service your customers in the language they are most comfortable in and continue your flight towards success.

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Emma David is a seasoned market research professional with 8+ years of experience. Having kick-started her journey in research, she has developed rich expertise in employee engagement, survey creation and administration, and data management. Emma believes in the power of data to shape business performance positively. She continues to help brands and businesses make strategic decisions and improve their market standing through her understanding of research methodologies.