Brand Net Promoter Score Survey Template

Measure your Reputation With this Powerful One-Question Brand NPS Survey

How To Use This Template

What does this survey do?

A Net Promoter Score survey allows you to find out whether your brand resonates with your customers. With an NPS score, you can quickly assess whether your brand is compelling enough to get customers to refer it to other people. This data is highly correlated with business growth.

Why is this survey important?

Often it is not possible to conduct lengthy market research, but many customers are willing to complete a simple one-question NPS survey. With NPS data, you will be able to constantly monitor how effectively your brand is connecting with customers, and you will be able so see changes over time and make changes accordingly.

When and where to use this survey:

It is important to run NPS regularly to keep your finger on the pulse of your brand’s perception. It can also be useful to monitor sub-brands to ensure they are not having a negative impact on the umbrella brand’s perception. Be sure to read the comments provided from NPS respondents to learn about how they perceive your brand. Most brand managers also run periodic in-depth brand surveys in addition to a Brand NPS survey. Because there are many nuances to brand research, you don’t want to lose the more in-depth data that can be provided by in-depth brand surveys.

How to use the results of this survey:

If your Brand NPS is low, then you need to look closely at your brand from the ground up. You may want to run some targeted in-depth brand surveys to better understand your weaknesses. As you update your brand materials and improve your brand marketing, you can continuously check NPS scores to see if they are trending up in response to your actions. If your NPS scores are in the positive or excellent range, then you should continue to run quarterly NPS surveys to ensure you maintain and improve upon your NPS scores.

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