Employee Net Promoter Score (NPS) Template

Build a Better Workplace with One-Question Survey to Assess Employee Satisfaction NPS

How To Use This Template

What does this survey do?

This survey allows you to see how your employees feel about your workplace quickly and efficiently. Rather than lengthy satisfaction surveys, an NPS survey uses just one question to assess what is considered one of the most important questions when it comes to employee satisfaction: “how likely are you recommend our company as a good place to work?”

Why is this survey important?

How your employees feel about the workplace can impact every level of your company’s growth. When employees feel the workplace is positive, they are more likely to come up with good ideas, perform at high levels, and provide excellent participation and service. The best way to understand whether your employees are truly happy at work is to understand whether they would recommend that a friend join the company.

When and where to use this survey:

Most companies anonymously check their employees’ NPS scores ever quarter or twice per year. This allows management to identify satisfaction issues early. You can send the NPS survey to a common group email so that users know it is anonymous and you can also post it to a common webpage so that employees feel they are not being tracked and are therefore more likely to provide honest feedback. You may also want to periodically run more in-depth employee surveys, especially if your NPS scores are low.

How to use the results of this survey:

If you find your company in the low end of the scale, then you have an employee engagement problem. The trouble with unengaged employees is not just that they themselves are not happy - it’s that they bring everyone around them down, too. This is why employee engagement matters so much. You may need to implement several employee engagement programs to improve the workplace culture and bring your NPS scores up. You will be able to see how you are doing over time using ProProfs NPS, and will get visual feedback of your progress. There is a lot of value in reviewing all comments provided on the NPS survey to learn about small and large issues the company can address. If you have a positive or excellent Employee Satisfaction NPS, then you will want to continue to expand on existing employee programs and run the NPS regularly to ensure you are improving over time to maintain competitive hiring opportunities.

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