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What does this survey do?

eCommerce is a highly competitive business, and it is essential to understand ongoing growth potential by monitoring customer satisfaction. There are endless metrics that you an eCommerce marketer can use to understand customer engagement, but this simple Net Promoter Score survey provides the industry standard for understanding customer loyalty. Because of this, NPS is an excellent way to monitor your growth potential.

Why is this survey important?

How your customers feel about their own experience at your eCommerce store is just part of the puzzle. More importantly, you need to understand whether they enjoyed your store enough to recommend it to others. The cost of customer acquisition keeps rising, and good NPS scores can keep those costs down. The NPS score you receive can be monitored over time so that you can deploy new strategies and measure their success immediately. You can also monitor customers for positive NPS scores and ask them to provide reviews right away. We provide canned responses that you can offer to customers so they can do a review right away with minimal effort.

When and where to use this survey:

Many companies release this NPS survey on a periodic basis such as monthly or quarterly. Some companies use the eCommerce NPS survey immediately following a customer interaction, for example following a webchat or web sale. The data from this type of survey will be different from the periodic surveys, since it is more transactional than based on overall customer perception over time. If you are more interested in transactional data, you may consider using a Customer Satisfaction Survey instead of an NPS survey.

How to use the results of this survey:

An eCommerce store needs to stay on top of all data and ensure that transactions run smoothly. If you have low NPS scores, then you need to identify your weaknesses and immediately fix them - often through improved loading times, shorter checkout processes and better website design. If you are in the positive or excellent range of the NPS scale, then you should still be aggressive about constantly improving the customer experience and the likelihood of referral in order to keep your store profitable in the competitive web marketplace.

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