Customer Service Net Promoter Socre (NPS) Template

Perfect One-Question Survey to Evaluate Customer Service NPS & Win Loyalty
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How To Use This Template

What does this survey do?

The purpose of this survey template is to quickly assess the service provided in your organization. The idea is that the best way to know whether your service is excellent is to understand whether customers would recommend your organization to someone else.

Why is this survey important?

Your customer service can make or break your business. The Net Promoter Score is a valuable and simple tool used to quickly identify trends, weaknesses and strengths in your organization. This simple one-question NPS survey template helps you quickly assess the likelihood that your customer service is on track.

When and where to use this survey?

Many companies release this NPS survey on a periodic basis such as monthly or quarterly. Some companies use the Customer Service NPS survey immediately following a customer interaction, for example following a webchat or upon completion of a sale. The data from this type of survey will be different from the periodic surveys, since it is more transactional than based on overall customer perception over time. If you are more interested in transactional data, you may consider using a Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT survey) instead of an NPS survey.

How to use the results of this survey?

If your Customer Service NPS scores are low, then analyze the Detractors with Comments. In ProProfs click the “Detractors” and then click the “with comments” filter. We suggest analyzing each negative response, tagging it via team or issue type and responding to each customer on the action you are taking. . As soon as possible, begin implementing programs to improve your Customer Service, and track results over time using the ProProfs NPS survey, which will show you a visual graph indicating progress. If your NPS scores are in the positive or excellent realm, spend time expanding on Customer Service training initiatives so that you can expand on what is working and improve NPS scores over time.

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