Hotel Guest Net Promoter Score (NPS) Template

Quick One-Question Survey to get Actionable Hotel Guest NPS
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How To Use This Template

What does this survey do?

A Net Promoter Score provides you with a quick answer to the critical question of whether your hotel guests will recommend your hotel to other people. Your NPS survey will allow you to identify gaps in your hotel so that you can make adjustments to improve customer experiences.

Why is this survey important?

With review sites driving occupancy rates for so many hotels, how your customers feel about your hotel is critical information. While you can spend countless hours sifting through review sites, the NPS survey gives you a quick and powerful way to take the temperature of your guests and dive into deeper problems if necessary.

When and where to use this survey:

Most hotels deploy this survey immediately following a guest’s stay. While longer surveys can be helpful, many guests prefer the simplicity of the NPS, and many hoteliers find it provides all the information they need to take action. You can send the NPS survey to guests via email, or you can make it available on your website. Typically 30% of guests prefer to complete it while they check out, using their phone or a tablet that you keep at the front desk for NPS surveys specifically.

How to use the results of this survey:

If your Hotel NPS is low, you have probably already noticed a problem based on website reviews and low occupancy rates. The benefit of NPS is that it provides quick feedback and thus reflects operational changes immediately, which may take longer to show up on ranking websites. If your NPS is low, look at each Detractor’s Comments. This will allow you to find out exactly which aspects of your hotel are not making guests happy. Make as many changes as possible immediately. Even if you can’t remodel the hotel or build a pool, you may be able to find other ways to improve each guest’s stay. If your NPS survey is positive, you can contact people who gave you positive NPS scores and ask them to leave you reviews on trip review sites. Track your NPS scores over time in ProProfs so that you can see how your efforts are making an impact on how guests feel about your hotel.

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