Post-Sale Net Promoter Score (NPS) Template

Simpe one-question Survey to Engage With Customers Post-Sale & Gauge NPS Sentiment

How To Use This Template

What does this survey do?

Using this survey, you can find out how customers feel as soon as they complete a sale at your checkout. This provides real-time information about your sales process, and gives you valuable feedback about how customers feel your business delivers products. If your customers are willing to refer your business to someone else after they purchase from you, then your business is likely to grow.

Why is this survey important?

The checkout process can be tweaked in numerous ways to improve the customer’s perception of your business. Running the Net Promoter Score survey regularly allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of customer perceptions towards your sales process. By doing this, you will be more likely to identify problems and implement changes before they become a larger problem.

When and where to use this survey:

Many companies release this NPS survey on a periodic basis such as monthly or quarterly. Some companies use the Post Sale NPS survey immediately following a customer purchase, either online or in-store. Note that if you use NPS surveys immediately following a transaction, they will be short-term vs. long-term in nature. That means you are more likely to measure the impact of a single transaction compared to over time. If your customers purchase infrequently, then you may want to use NPS to measure these transactions. If your customer purchases are more regular, then you may consider using a simple Customer Satisfaction Survey (thumbs up/thumbs down) upon completion of each purchase, followed by a periodic NPS to measure larger trends.

How to use the results of this survey:

If you have low Post Sale NPS results, then you need to find out what is going wrong in your sale process. Evaluate every aspect of the process and identify immediate weaknesses so that you can put programs in place and make improvements. You will be able to see whether your NPS scores improve over time right on ProProfs. If your scores are positive or excellent on the NPS scale, then you want to focus on how you can improve existing programs and maintain and improve your scores over time.

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