Employee Exit Survey Template

Understand why employees leave & foster a better work culture

What is an Employee Exit Survey?

An employee exit survey is a popular survey that is shared with employees who have put down papers and might be serving their notice period. Exit surveys are designed to capture relevant feedback that helps employers develop attractive and robust work culture.

With a well-designed exit survey template, you can understand why employees are leaving. Is it because of poor growth opportunities or longer working hours? Your leaving employees can offer valuable insights while you look to improve your overall hiring and retention process.

Employee Exit Survey

Why Use Our Employee Exit Survey Template?

20+ Question Types
20+ Question Types

ProProfs Survey Maker offers over 20 question types including rating scale, multiple-choice, NPS scale, text box, etc. This makes it easier for you to include the right questions in your survey and capture in-depth responses.

Uncover Improvement Areas
Uncover Improvement Areas

To retain your valuable employees for a long time, you need to understand where you can improve. With our employee exit form template, you can uncover these areas and refine them to create better employer-employee relationships.

Create a Delightful Work Culture
Create a Delightful Work Culture

As an employer, you don’t want your valuable employees to ever leave your organization. With our exit form template, you can reduce employee turnover, resolve their pain points, and foster an inclusive as well as delightful work culture.

When & Where to Use an Employee Exit Survey Template?

When to use & share?

Exit surveys must be exclusively shared with those employees who have shared their resignations with your organization. Sharing employee exit survey questions with every single employee or with those who just have plans to quit in the future does not really serve any purpose.

Where to use & share?

The best way to share employee exit surveys is via email. You can share them on the professional email accounts of your employees. You can even take a printout and share this survey during an exit interview to receive the ideal feedback.

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