Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

Foster a culture of continuous employee feedback in your organization

What Is an Employee Satisfaction Survey?

An employee satisfaction survey helps you to gauge the level of satisfaction among all the employees working in an organization. Keeping your employees happy is the only way to keep your customers happy as well.

ProProfs’ free employee satisfaction survey template lets you measure, understand, and appreciate your employees’ feedback. It also lets you unravel employee-related aspects like employee satisfaction, motivation, attitude, and establish positive employee morale in the workplace.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Why Use Our Employee Satisfaction Survey Template?

Anonymous Surveys

Using our employee satisfaction survey template, you can anonymously capture your employee’s feedback on various aspects like relationships with coworkers and the management, payment structure, learning opportunities, work-life balance, and many others.

Valuable Insights

In today’s fierce competition to attract and retain talent, employee satisfaction has emerged as a crucial metric. Research has shown time and time again that satisfied and motivated employees display higher productivity and positively influence organizational performance.

Enhanced Experience

Our innovative UI makes the survey-filling experience delightful for employees. With single-click questions and an eye-catching background plus content copy, get more and accurate responses.

When and Where to Use the Employee Satisfaction Survey Template?

When to use and share?

You can simply edit the employee satisfaction survey template for free and share this survey at the end of each month, quarter, or fiscal year. You must also strive to capture employee feedback whenever a significant change is initiated. For instance, any change in the hierarchy, business mission, employee benefits, company expansion, office location, etc.

Where to use and share?

The best way to share employee satisfaction survey questions is over the official email addresses of your employees. You can also share a link over your company’s communication portal or CRM.

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