Employee Performance Survey Template

Run periodic performance assessments to identify the best talents

What is an Employee Performance Survey?

An employee performance survey helps managers and supervisors pass on feedback about their team members' efficiency, behavior, and work ethics. It's a periodic exercise necessary to identify an employee's qualities, exceptional performances, accomplishments, expectations, and areas of improvement.

Employees appreciate feedback from managers and supervisors because it promotes personal and professional growth. That's why we have designed our employee performance survey template to let you give honest feedback and motivate your teammates to build a positive work environment.

What is an Employee Performance Survey?

Why Use Our Employee Performance Survey Template?

Range of question types
Range of question types

ProProfs employee performance survey template assesses different areas of workspace behavior, such as the quality of work, adherence to deadlines, strengths, weaknesses, and so on. But if you still want to customize it, you can use 20+ question types and a library of 100K ready-to-use professional questions to tweak the survey based on your unique requirements.

Maintain security & confidentiality
Maintain security & confidentiality

Employee performance reviews are often kept confidential as they are an essential step to award promotions, performance-based incentives, and appraisals. With ProProfs Survey Maker, you can assign user access permission, disable print or copy, and add password protection to ensure feedback privacy.

Create 360-degree development plan
Encourage & promote employees’ growth

Being recognized for exceptional work sure motivates employees in their jobs. In the same way, if employees do not receive guidance to grow, they are prone to switch to better jobs. ProProfs employee performance survey template helps you recognize hard-working employees to discuss their strong and weak points to stimulate overall growth.

When & Where to Use an Employee Performance Survey Template?

When to use & share?

If employees feel that their performance review was incomplete, it may affect their job satisfaction and motivation to work harder. That's where an employee performance survey comes in handy. It gives you a chance to deliver 1-on-1 feedback to team members during the quarterly, half-yearly, or annual review. Add this exercise as a starting point of the appraisal cycle to collate feedback data from different managers and team leads.

Where to use & share?

It is best to share the employee performance survey with the managers and supervisors on their professional email addresses. If an employee works with multiple managers, you can send them the same survey and consolidate the data in one place to get an overall performance review. ProProfs lets you import your contacts and share surveys from within the survey editor.

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