Employee Motivation Survey Template

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How to Use this Template

What does an employee motivation survey do?

Your employees can be immensely happy and satisfied; however, their productivity can take a toll if they do not feel motivated. The employee motivation survey questions can help you realize to what extent your employees are motivated and passionate about working with your organization. Such a survey can help you look for opportunities to keep employee morale high and fuel productivity.

Why is an employee motivation survey important?

A team of motivated professionals can take your business towards attaining unprecedented growth. An employee motivation questionnaire can help you unravel answers to questions like what really motivates your staff? How empowered do they feel? Or what keeps them going? Highly motivated employees are comparatively more productive, full of creative ideas, and they like to take complete ownership. Moreover, they also tend to stay with an organization for longer, thereby reducing employee attrition. Therefore, this survey will help you take the initial step towards employee motivation and, eventually, employee retention.

When and where to use an employee motivation survey?

Most businesses make it a point to regularly measure the motivation level among employees by sharing surveys almost every month. You can also float this survey in case there have been any recent changes in your office atmosphere that might change motivation. Also, note that not all employees would share their honest feedback unless they are sure that responses would be anonymous. The employee motivation survey questions can be shared using a link over the professional email ids of your staff or over a text message.

How to use the results of an employee motivation survey

ProProfs' employee motivation survey template can help you effortlessly identify key motivators and other factors that could not just increase but sustain employee motivation. When employees show high motivation, it’s a sign that they are likely to keep other employees motivated as well. However, demotivated employees can let you realize obstacles that are preventing them from performing to best effect. To dig deeper, you can include more open-ended questions like- What do you think of the annual appraisal policy? Such subjective answers can be difficult to analyze, but they can offer meaningful insights.

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