Membership Web Form Template

Collect membership information in an easy-to-Use membership form on your website

How To Use The Membership Web Form Template?

What does this web form do?

This form features a number of questions that you can use to determine membership and gather data necessary to maintain comprehensive data on your members. This form includes questions for the primary member, family members, employer information and emergency contact information. Membership organizations often find it difficult to gather all of the necessary information about prospective members, and using an online form simplifies the process.

Why is this form important?

This form eliminates the need for paper-based forms or downloadable PDFs. By providing all membership information to a web form, your members make it easy for you to keep a comprehensive digital database. All membership applications will be stored online so they are never lost and the membership application information is always available.

Where to use this form?

You can embed this form on your website and make it accessible at the front desk on tablets or smartphones so that members can sign up in person.

How to use the results of this form?

Use this form to build and maintain a single, consistent and comprehensive membership database.

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