Petition Web Form Template

Collect petition signatures easily on your website

How To Use The Petition Web Form Template?

What does this web form do?

This form provides a simple voting or petition platform that you can use to gain signatures and support for special causes. This form is set up with a simple yes/no vote and then gathers the critical demographic information needed. People can add their signatures right on the form. This online petition form it easy for all types of people to submit their signature to support your cause anytime, anywhere, and using the device of their choice.

Why is this form important?

This form can help organizations run campaigns and gain signatures for a petition. Making the form available online makes it easy for people to ask friends and family members to sign the petition wherever they are. People appreciate how easy it is to complete online petition forms compared to downloading a PDF or using paper-based methods.

Where to use this form?

You can embed this form on your website so that people can complete it on their computers, phones, and tablets anytime, anywhere.

How to use the results of this form?

The signature and entire form will be date and time stamped so that you can maintain completion records. Once you have gathered all petition signatures, you can download a report to your desktop if necessary.

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