Retail Net Promoter Score (NPS) Template

Improve Business Operations With Single Question Survey to Measure Retail Store NPS

How To Use This Template

What does this survey do?

A Net Promoter Score provides you with a quick answer to the critical question of whether your customers will recommend your store to other people. This NPS survey template will allow you to identify gaps in your store so that you can make adjustments and improve customer experiences quickly.

Why is this survey important?

You are likely already be evaluating data like customer traffic, retail conversion rate, average sale, items per purchase and gross margin. These are vital to effective store management, but they don’t capture how the customer actually feels about the store. If customers are generally pleased with the store experience, they will be willing to recommend your store to others. Knowing this one piece of customer feedback can help you make critical changes to your store environment - changes that will positively impact all of your other measurements.

When and where to use this survey:

Most stores ask customers to complete an NPS survey at least once per quarter. There are many ways in which to deploy the survey. The most common distribution is to make it available on your website and send it to customers via email. You can also have a mobile tablet available at checkout and encourage customers to complete it immediately. You may consider offering customers an incentive for completing the survey.

How to use the results of this survey:

If your Store NPS is low, you should take a deep dive into Detractors and look at the Comments. You can easily do this using the ProProfs tool. Analyze each negative response, and find a way to address it in your store. Often you can even respond directly to your Detractors, clarifying their feedback and creating customized offers to win their high regard. You will be able to track your NPS over time in ProProfs, so you can watch for trends based on the actions you’re taking. You can also see how well your NPS scores line up with your other store trends. If your NPS scores are in the high range, you can contact people who gave you positive NPS scores and ask them to leave you reviews on store review sites.

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