Quality Assurance Survey Template

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How to Use this Template

What does a quality assurance survey do?

Assuring quality in your products or services right from the initial stages of production to the final delivery can often seem like an uphill task. However, a quality assurance survey can come to the rescue and help you evaluate and analyze the quality of service provided to the customers. Capturing feedback directly from your customers enables you to understand if you are in sync with your quality assurance policies or not.

Why is a quality assurance survey important?

Quality assurance is important when building a brand that is synonymous with reliability and consistency. Your quality assurance policies might be the best on paper; however, if your customers feel otherwise, you sure have a task at hand. A quality assurance form can help you gauge how successful your team was in living up to the quality standards as promised by your business. You can easily understand your customer’s take on quality in terms of materials used, packaging, delivery schedule, delivery time, after-sales service, compliance with regulations, and other key areas.

When and where to use a quality assurance survey?

Most businesses share a quality assurance survey within the first week of purchase of a product or service. If you are looking to launch a new product, it is always a great idea to share this survey with the initial few people who get to test your product. This will help you gauge the level of satisfaction among your users with respect to the overall quality. You can also make use of a quality assurance plan template at every stage of the production to ensure you are on the right track when it comes to meeting customer expectations. A QA survey can be effortlessly shared via a link over email, text message, or embedded directly on your website.

How to use the results of a quality assurance survey

ProProfs’ free quality assurance template includes the right set of questions that will help you capture relevant feedback in real-time. A good 60 to 70% score on a quality assurance satisfaction survey can prove to be a game-changer for your business. On the other hand, negative feedbacks are a clear indicator that your business is currently not meeting quality expectations. As a best practice, your quality standards and delivery promises must be realistic. After all, it is always a great idea to under-promise and over-deliver to offer a delightful customer experience.

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