Restaurant Satisfaction Survey Template

Gain key insights to serve every diner a bowl of happiness

How to Use this Template

What does a restaurant satisfaction survey do?

The entire restaurant industry works on the principle of repeat customers and the only way to know if people will visit you again is by sharing the right survey at the right time. Survey questions for restaurants are designed to help you get a quantitative as well as qualitative insight into the opinions and behavior of your customers. This gives you the chance to eradicate any hindrances that might lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Why is a restaurant satisfaction survey important?

For every restaurant business owner, the restaurant satisfaction survey has emerged as a blessing in disguise. Nothing pays better than understanding the pulse of people who dine at your restaurant and this survey lets you do just that. Using these restaurant survey questions, you can collect feedback/opinions pertaining to- how frequently your customers go out to eat, the type of cuisines they like, their preferred time of having their meal, and a lot more. You can also understand their satisfaction level in terms of quality/ quantity of food served, overall hygiene, wait time, ease of reserving a table, interiors, and the list is endless.

When and where to use a restaurant satisfaction survey?

Most restaurants share satisfaction/feedback survey either on the same day of the reservation or the next day. You can also share a survey with your customers right after they make a booking. You can ask them crucial questions like: How did you come to know about our restaurant? Or How easy was it to make a reservation with us? In addition to this, you can share another survey with them post their meal to gauge their level of satisfaction with various parameters like food quality, menu, pricing, overall hygiene, etc. The restaurant satisfaction survey questions can be directly shared via a link over email, text message, or any chat application.

How to use the results of a restaurant satisfaction survey

The results of your restaurant satisfaction survey can speak volumes and take your restaurant towards unprecedented growth and popularity. The ProProfs’ restaurant satisfaction survey template encompasses a variety of questions that can help you capture the ideal feedback. In case your restaurant’s overall satisfaction rate is low, you need to figure out the aspects that are preventing customers from visiting you again. You can share follow-up surveys and ask open-ended questions to understand customer pain-points better. On the other hand, nothing works as a better marketing strategy than having satisfied customers who regularly dine at your restaurant and help promote your business.

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