Resident Satisfaction Survey Template

Know how happy your retirement home residents are with this survey

How to Use this Template

What does a retirement home resident satisfaction survey do?

The overall well-being and satisfaction of retired professionals must be on the top of your priority list. A retirement home resident satisfaction survey, lets you measure the overall satisfaction of those residing in your retirement home. Whether you serve two renters or two thousand, conducting regular and follow-up resident satisfaction surveys help you avail essential feedback.

Why is a retirement home resident satisfaction survey important?

Resident survey questions let you gauge the satisfaction level of retired residents in terms of aspects like- comfort, safety, medical facilities, food quality, privacy, cooperativeness of staff, availability of counselors, and many more. Such surveys act as a bridge that facilitates communication and helps you interact with people who have been residing there for years. By capturing feedback in real-time, you can discover potential improvement areas and make every resident feel they are cared for.

When and where to use a retirement home resident satisfaction survey?

Resident satisfaction must be conducted periodically, to understand better how content residents are with the current facilities. Every retirement home makes a few necessary changes from time to time, for instance, a slight change in meal timings. In such a scenario, you can conduct a satisfaction survey to grasp every single opinion with respect to that change. A resident survey questionnaire can be easily shared via a link over email or text message. Also, considering the fact that most retired professionals might not be tech-savvy, you can simply take a print out and share the hardcopy with the residents.

How to use the results of a retirement home resident satisfaction survey

ProProfs' retirement home resident satisfaction survey template allows you to evaluate ratings at a glance with easy-to-understand metrics. The results must be diligently interpreted as the stakes are quite high when it comes to the overall care and safety of retired residents. For those residents that show high satisfaction, you can collect their testimonials and ratings and share them over social media. On the other hand, the residents that show any level of dissatisfaction or discomfort, you must approach them on a one-to-one level and lend an ear. You must adopt every single measure to ensure that no compromise is being made with the overall safety and medical care facilities. This will help you foster a highly positive relationship with each and every resident.

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