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How to Use this Template

What does a supervisor evaluation survey do?

Supervisor evaluation surveys have become an integral part of the 360-degree evaluation process followed by most contemporary organizations. While rating employees on their performance is essential, evaluating the overall performance of your supervisors is equally important. A supervisor performance survey is conducted to capture employee perspectives about the performance of supervisors and the whole experience of working under their supervision.

Why is a supervisor evaluation survey important?

It is always a great idea to gauge the performance of your supervisors from the eyes of your employees. Seeking honest feedback about supervisors will help them grow and figure out any scope for improvement. In addition to this, a free supervisor evaluation survey template can help you cultivate a progressive and transparent work culture where feedbacks and opinions are appreciated. You can focus on several supervision aspects such as work ethic, availability, decision-making skills, punctuality, job delivery, and many others.

When and where to use a supervisor evaluation survey?

Collecting valuable data is an ongoing process, and as a result, a supervisor evaluation survey must be conducted regularly. However, in case a new supervisor is assigned to a team, conducting an evaluation survey would be great after a certain period of time- allowing everyone enough time to settle down as a team and gel together. In addition to this, whenever the performance of a supervisor is not up to expectations, a survey can be floated to better understand the loopholes. The best way to share a supervisor evaluation form is via a link over email; however, you can also go for other sharing options like text or chat message.

How to use the results of a supervisor evaluation survey?

ProProfs’ supervisor survey template helps you capture real-time insights while also maintaining the anonymity of all the participants. When around 70-80% of your employees rate a supervisor positive or effective, you need not initiate any necessary changes. However, if more than 30% of staff members who work under the supervision feel discontent, you need to make efforts and better understand their concerns. Most organizations ask the HR professionals to look into the matter and act as a bridge of communication between the two.

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