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How to Use this Template

What does a workplace satisfaction survey do?

Improving workplace satisfaction has been an integral component of employee-retention strategies for decades now. Workplace surveys help to determine the satisfaction level of employees in correspondence to the various physical and emotional aspects of their work environment.

Why is a workplace satisfaction survey important?

Work environment plays an undeniable role in employees’ life cycle, their overall happiness as well as productivity. A workplace environment survey permits you to gauge how content your employees are with aspects like- office location, infrastructure, cleanliness, safety, workplace culture, learning opportunities, cooperation among employees and the management, etc. Unless you focus on establishing an ideal workplace, retaining your employees would be a far fetched dream.

When and where to use a workplace satisfaction survey?

A workplace survey can be conducted at the end of each month, quarter, or year based on your requirements. If you have made any evident physical or cultural changes in your workplace, you must float a survey to check the response of your employees. For example, you can ask your employees about how happy they are with the new changes made to the employee health insurance scheme. The best way to share a work environment survey is through a link sent to the professional email addresses of your employees. To create an unbiased survey, you must include every staff irrespective of their gender or designation in your organization.

How to use the results of a workplace satisfaction survey

To capture unbiased results, you must make your surveys as much inclusive as possible. ProProfs’ work environment survey template explores all the necessary questions to capture employee feedback effortlessly. The employees that offer a positive rating to your survey, can really help you create an impressive ‘employer brand’ and attract prospective employees in the long run. This is bound to reduce your hiring costs. On the other hand, employees that are not happy with the current work environment can offer valuable insights into improvement areas. Therefore, fostering a healthy and positive work environment will take your business towards the route of establishing long-term employer-employee relationships.

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