Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Use engaging surveys to monitor customer feedback

What Is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Customer satisfaction surveys help you quickly measure how content users are with your products, services, support, and other key areas. Such surveys can help you easily capture customer opinion and allow you to identify improvement areas in real-time.

Showing your customers that you care and value their opinion is perhaps the best way to retain them and that’s what a template for customer satisfaction survey lets you do.

What Is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Why Use Our Customer Satisfaction Survey Template?

Understand your Customers

With the help of our customer satisfaction survey template free, capture three types of customers - who are in love with your product/service, who just had a ‘neutral’ experience with your business, and who are dissatisfied and feel a lot needs to be improved.

Capture Insightful Responses

Ask them the right customer satisfaction survey questions at the right time. Recording customer feedback on existing products and services will help you with the much-needed insights to facilitate future decisions, making you a truly customer-centric business.

Enhanced Experience

Our innovative UI makes the survey-filling experience delightful for customers. With single-click questions and eye-catching visuals plus content, get more and accurate feedback from your loyal customers.

When and Where to Use the Customer Satisfaction Survey Template?

When to use and share?

You can use this survey right after a customer interacts with your support team to understand how successful an agent was in resolving customer queries or complaints. Similarly, in order to evaluate the success of your newly launched product/service, you can share this survey with your initial users to grasp their hands-on experience.

Where to use and share?

You can use the sample customer satisfaction survey template and share it over the email addresses of your customers. You can also embed the survey on your website to display it to your returning customers.

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