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What is a Recruitment Satisfaction Survey?

A recruitment satisfaction survey helps measure how well your hiring team works in terms of candidates' experience and attracting new talent. The hiring process is the first point of contact between the company and candidates, making it crucial to promote a positive word of mouth and brand perception.

ProProfs Survey Maker provides a professionally-designed recruitment satisfaction survey template to collect first-hand insights from the candidates about their experience. You can assess every step of the hiring process to see what needs improvement to leave a lasting impression on all candidates.

 Recruitment Satisfaction Survey

Why Use Our Recruitment Satisfaction Survey Template?

Ask relevant questions
Ask relevant questions

Customize ProProfs' recruitment satisfaction survey template with 20+ question types to collect multiple data points from the applicants. You can also add skip-logic to show only relevant questions based on respondents' previous answers to gather targeted insights.

Multi-channel reach
Multi-channel reach

Send our free recruitment satisfaction survey template as you want. You can send it directly to the candidates via email or SMS for remote interviews and print it out as a paper survey to use after personal rounds.

Optimize the onboarding process
Optimize the onboarding process

A smooth interview process creates better chances to find the best employees for your organization. Our recruitment satisfaction survey consists of targeted questions to help you explore different points, such as how people found out about the job opening, how efficient the interviewer is, and more. You can then use the data to uncover friction points and streamline the process.

When & Where to Use a Recruitment Satisfaction Survey Template?

When to use & share?

Ideally, recruitment satisfaction surveys must be used after each round so you can get a complete view of every aspect of the hiring process. You can customize our template to add/remove questions for each round and design perfect surveys that fetch the correct data.

Where to use & share?

Our recruitment satisfaction survey template works well for both internal recruiting and if you use external recruiters for hiring candidates. And with multiple deployment options, you can receive genuine feedback to design a smooth recruitment process.

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