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Create Survey
Create Survey

Build surveys that you can easily email or share a link, embed on your website, or share on social media to find out everything you need to know about customer preferences, employee performance, market research, and more.

Create Net Promoter® Score
Create Net Promoter® Score

NPS is a one-question survey that asks the question: “How likely are you to recommend this on a scale of 1-10?” ProProfs can track your NPS feedback & score over time to help you measure customer experience and pursue growth.

Create In-App Survey
Create In-App Survey

Create short surveys that pop up right on your website or in your web application. In-app surveys can be targeted to the right visitor, at the right time without leaving your website. They have high completion rates and provide instant feedback.

Create Web Form
Create Web Form

Gather information quickly and easily by creating forms that can be shared via a link or embedded on your website. Make attractive, fully branded web forms like Contact Us, Product Feedback, Job Applications and more.

Create Popup Survey
Create Popup Survey

Popup Surveys appear on the screen when a website visitor is exiting your site. These surveys can help you understand why visitors are leaving, whether they were satisfied, can reduce bounce and exit rate. Effective for reducing shopping cart abandonment and page exit, capturing leads and more.

Create Sidebar Forms
Create Sidebar Forms

Sidebar forms appear on the outer edge of your website and allow users to provide instant feedback, contact you, and take other on-page actions. Clicked tabs trigger a popup screen to gather insightful information from visitors.

Create Scored Survey
Create Scored Survey

Create survey questions and assign points to each option. Display custom messages based on final score, and use scores to evaluate next steps or best responses. Ideal for evaluations, lead scoring, measuring satisfaction and more.

Create Quiz
Create Quiz

Make your own scored or personality quiz. Search 100k+ quizzes & assessments.

Create Poll
Create Poll

Build interactive polls using an easy editor and 1000+ templates.

Create Free Online Survey in Minutes

Collect feedback using 100+ ready-to-use survey templates
Create an NPS survey
Measure customer loyalty and assess your brand’s fortune

Easily create a professional-looking NPS survey using ready-made templates. NPS surveys are best to measure customer loyalty and, thus, the likelihood of repeat sales. Use this metric to gauge customer satisfaction, identify critics, and improve upsell opportunities. All it takes is a one-question survey based on ”How likely are you to recommend the product/service to a friend or colleague. You can easily share the NPS surveys via numerous channels. Not only that, you can easily track the NPS survey results with daily, weekly, and monthly reports to segment promoters, detractors, and passives.

  • tick Survey Identify unsatisfied customers
  • tick Survey Manage recurring surveys
  • tick Survey Easily share your surveys
Create a Scored Survey
Create a Scored Survey
Build and share scored surveys to collect actionable feedback from your audience

Make your own scored survey using the scored survey templates. Assign positive or negative values for each answer option and define different score ranges for the overall survey. You can easily ask questions to respondents, gather feedback, and score the responses. In the end, show the respondents the result based on their scores via a customized message.

  • tick Survey Assign points to questions
  • tick Survey Customized results via score range
  • tick Survey Display custom message
Create In-App Survey
Gather feedback before visitors leave your website

Create In-App survey to collect contextual feedback from website visitors. Ask the user questions about their website experience before they leave the website via in-app surveys available at the bottom of the website page. In-App surveys with smart reporting options are ideal for collecting user feedback on their website experience. Use customizable templates to create short surveys and add your branding. Tweak the questions as you like to give the user a fully-customized experience.

  • tick Survey Surveys that pop up on your website
  • tick Survey Smart reporting to track survey results
  • tick Survey Higher survey completion rate
Create In-App Survey

Create a Survey Using 1,000,000+ Questions

Create beautiful & engaging surveys using 15+ question types
Multiple-Choice Questions

A multiple-choice is a popular form of question types, where the respondent chooses a single option from a list of possible answers.

Create Multiple-Choice Questions Survey
Create Checkboxes Survey

Checkboxes is a simple closed-ended question that allows respondents to select one or more than one answer from a list of answers.

NPS Scale

An NPS scale allows customers to rate their satisfaction with your company's products and services on a scale of 0-10.

Create Surveys with NPS Scale
Create Surveys with Rating Scale
Rating Scale

A rating scale, also known as Likert Scale, allows the respondent to evaluate a particular feature/product/service and mark their satisfaction levels from a range 0-10, 0-100, etc.


A ranking question allows survey respondents to compare different options and placing them in order of preference in terms of a specific aspect.

Create Surveys with Ranking Questions
Create Survey with Slider Question

A slider question type is a simple and interactive question type that allows respondents to simply drag a bar to select their preference levels on a mark of 0-10, 0-100, etc.

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We are building a 100-year company with a mission to DELIGHT customers. People think we’re crazy to offer phone, chat, and email support. We still do it. When it comes to awesome support & building delightful software, we go the distance - try it, and you will love it.

More Survey Types

Collect feedback easily with popups, sidebars, quizzes, polls & more
Create Popup Surveys

Create a Popup survey using our ready-to-use survey templates to gather feedback from the visitors before they leave the website. Choose from the industry or audience-specific templates and customize them as you like.

Create Sidebar Forms & Surveys

Make attractive Sidebar forms for the website to quickly gather customer feedback on product/website/content. You can use sidebars for email signup and display different types of supplementary information.

Create a quiz

Create interactive quizzes with 100+ ready-to-use questions for customer engagement with your brand and learning material in a unique and fun way. Get immediate quiz results and analyze them to understand the knowledge gap.

Create Polls

Create engaging polls to get instant feedback from your customers. Be creative and add images, videos, graphics, and brand the polls with your logo/colors. Share polls on social networks and/or embed them on your website.

How to Create Online Survey Forms

Use our professionally designed templates or create your survey from scratch
Add Title & Description to Surveys
Add Title & Description

The tile of the survey is a golden opportunity to grab respondents’ attention by summarizing the objective of the survey instantly. Adding a captivating description will tell the respondent why they need to invest their time in completing the survey.

Use 15+ Question Types for Surveys
Use 15+ Question Types

With ProProfs Survey Maker you can use a variety of questions to build customer satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, product feedback surveys, and more.

Insert images while creating surveys
Insert Images

Create free online surveys and add images in the background to enhance the appeal of the survey. Adding images directly to the questions is a simple way to make a survey standout.

Customize while creating surveys
Customize Surveys

Customize the survey with themes, brand colors and logo, upload videos and images, to amp up the look and feel to increase your response rate.

Add Skip Logic while creating surveys
Add Skip Logic

Add skip logic and branching to your surveys to get the most relevant feedback. Make the surveys quick to answer by the respondent by eliminating unnecessary questions for them.

Polls & Quizzes
Polls & Quizzes

ProProfs Survey Maker comes bundled with ProProfs Poll Maker and Quiz Maker that helps you create a convenient feedback channel to engage your target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a survey

Creating surveys is easy with ProProfs. Select 'create a survey' tab from the menu bar, choose a template, and select from different question types like multiple choice, rating scale, checkbox, and more. Edit the survey questions based on your preference, followed by customization. Read more to learn How to Create a Survey.

How to create an online questionnaire

Creating an online questionnaire is easy and free with ProProfs Survey Maker. Create attractive surveys, pop ups, sidebar & in-app, selecting from hundreds of templates. Select a template, add from predefined questions, and customize the questionnaire to match your brand. Visit the link to explore 100+ ready-to-use templates and quickly Create an Online Questionnaire

How to create an NPS survey

Creating an NPS survey is simple. From the Create a Survey page, select Net Promoter Score Survey, select a template, and choose from pre-designed themes, backgrounds, colors, and fonts. Customize the survey using your brand’s logo and colors. Here’s a quick video guide for you to learn How to Create an NPS Survey.

How to create beautifully designed surveys

To create a beautiful and engaging survey, select the ‘create a survey’ tab from the menu bar, choose a template and questions, customize the survey pre-designed themes, backgrounds, colors, and fonts. Customize and brand the look of the survey with your logo and colors. Here’s a checklist for creating effective surveys.

How to add your logo to a survey

To add a logo to your survey, log on to the Survey Maker, and select the edit settings. Under the themes section, click to upload your company logo and colors. Make backgrounds and font choices that suit the survey and save changes. Visit the link to learn How to Add Your Company Logo to a Survey.

How to embed a survey on a website

Embedding a survey on your website is easy with the free online survey maker. Visit the survey maker dashboard and select the send icon. Next, click on the ‘Embed’ tab, copy the code, and embed it on your website or blog. Here’s a quick guide for you to learn How to Embed a Survey on a Website or a Blog.

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