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What is a Student Survey?

A student survey allows you to capture your students' opinions about your curriculum, teaching methods as well as staff behavior. The student surveys are designed to get relevant feedback that helps schools, colleges, and universities to enhance the learning experience.

The student feedback survey template can include a variety of questions pertaining to topics such as student satisfaction, college graduation, favorite subjects, course evaluation, online classes, faculty performance, and much more.

Student Survey

Why Use Our Student Survey Template?

Created by Expert Academics
Created by Expert Academics

Our wide range of student survey questions has been curated with the help of expert academics. Our free student survey template is used by the leading Schools, Colleges, and Universities from across the globe.

Create Smart Reports
Create Smart Reports

ProProfs Survey Maker helps you create insightful reports and see who took your survey and when in real-time. You can easily download and share reports with your staff, parents, or other stakeholders as a link.

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Enhance the Learning Experience

In today's modern-day and age, education should not be boring. With our student satisfaction survey questionnaire template, you can understand student expectations and start offering the best-in-class learning experience in minutes.

When & Where to Use a Student Survey Template?

When to use & share?

Depending on the nature of your research, you can share relevant surveys with your students. For example, you can share student satisfaction survey questions once a month or examination feedback surveys after the final exams are over.

Where to use & share?

The best way to share student surveys is via email. In some cases, you can even share a survey link via SMS with parents after school hours. This will allow parents to help young students share their valuable feedback.

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