360-Degree Feedback Form Template

Weave path for employees’ progress with timely feedback from other team members

What Is a 360 Degree Employee Feedback?

360-degree feedback is a process of evaluation in which the employee receives anonymous constructive feedback from their co-workers.

These respondents can be the manager, peers, and subordinates. It's a very effective method to promote each employee's personal and professional growth in your organization.

With a carefully crafted 360-degree feedback form template, you can get a clear picture of how the team members see the employee's behavior and personality in the workplace. It also helps to gauge one's strengths and weaknesses to highlight areas of improvement for overall development.

Why Use Our 360 Degree Employee Feedback Form Template?

20+ question types
20+ question types

ProProfs Survey Maker lets you collect different data types like simple yes or no responses, multiple choice answers, and free-text feedback. You can use different question types in the same 360 degree feedback form to frame focused questions and collect in-depth targeted feedback.

Anonymous & confidential feedback
Anonymous & confidential feedback

The 360 degree feedback form must gather responses anonymously to collect honest feedback. That's what Proprofs Survey does for you. What's more, to ensure complete confidentiality, you can set specific access permissions so only allowed users can access the form.

Create 360-degree development plan
Create 360-degree development plan

With our free 360 feedback template, you can collect in-depth insights about the employee's workspace competencies and behavior to set up their future goals. Using the feedback, you can discover areas where the employee excels and the skills that need refinement to design a 360 development plan.

When & Where to Use a 360-degree Employee Feedback Form Template

When to use & share

You can collect 360 degree feedback at regular intervals like each quarter as a part of performance feedback. The insights can then be channeled to improve work relationships between team members, during appraisals and promotions.

Where to use & share

The best way to share the 360 degree feedback form is to send it online over the respondent’s professional email. With ProProfs the Survey Maker the responses get stored in one place to make analysis easier. You can study the data using presentation-ready reports and charts.

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