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What does a product satisfaction survey do?

A product satisfaction survey is a type of customer satisfaction survey that is focussed specifically on how well your products are performing among your customers. This survey will help your business identify the products that are doing great among your users and the products that need necessary improvements.

Why is a product satisfaction survey important?

Ever wondered what your customers think about your products when they finally get to use it? Well, a product satisfaction survey can help you unravel the valuable feedback and opinion of every user. After all, adequate customer-research always comes in handy when you are looking to launch a new product in the market. In addition to this, product satisfaction survey questions are a great way to connect and interact with your customers. Making your customers perceive you as a brand that greatly values their opinions and takes them seriously.


When and where to use a product satisfaction survey?

A product satisfaction survey is incredibly versatile as it can be used before, during, or after the launch of your products in the market. This survey becomes extremely crucial, especially when you have shared a product sample with users before launching the final product in the market. You can get the much-needed glimpse of your customer’s expectations from your products and any possible improvement areas. A product satisfaction survey can also be used to check how well your existing products are performing in the market. Just simply share the link of your survey via email or simply embed it on your website.

How to use the results of a product satisfaction survey

Your products can either be a hit among your customers or not, and ProProfs’ product satisfaction survey is the best way to find out. When your customers rate your products positively, this means that your products have a good chance of surviving in the market. On the other hand, negative feedback and ratings will help you shift your focus back to improvement areas and subsequent product updates. In case you see a majority of people who are facing a similar problem; you can share more feature-specific surveys. You can put forward product survey questions like- Kindly suggest how we can improve the feature ‘X’ of our product? Or Which features would you love to see in our future product iterations? In short, the more you ask, the more you learn!


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