Product Satisfaction Survey Template

Know how satisfied customers are with your product or service

What Is a Product Satisfaction Survey & Why Is It Important?

A product satisfaction survey is a type of customer satisfaction survey that is focussed specifically on how well your products are performing among your customers. It lets you unravel the valuable feedback and voice of every user. After all, adequate customer-research always comes in handy when you are looking to launch a new product in the market.

In addition to this, product satisfaction survey questions are a great way to connect and interact with your customers. Making your customers perceive you as a brand that greatly values their opinions and takes them seriously.

What Is a Product Satisfaction Survey

Why Use Our Product Satisfaction Survey Template

Get Started Easily & Quickly
Get Started Easily & Quickly

Creating a survey from ground up can be demanding. Copy our free product satisfaction survey template and start collecting actionable insights into which products are a hit among customers and which ones need improvement in minutes.

Seamless Integrations
Seamless Integrations

ProProfs Survey Maker integrates seamlessly with all leading marketing automation tools. Whether you want to gather feedback from site visitors using WordPress integration or looking for excellent documentation support using Salesforce integration, it offers it all.

Actionable Insights
Actionable Insights

Collect detailed insight into your customer feedback with follow on text-based questions. Easily analyze trends in customer responses with visual reports. Besides, choose to get a daily, weekly, or monthly digest of insights right to your inbox.

When & Where to Use Product Satisfaction Survey Template

When to use & share?

You can send a product satisfaction survey before, during, or after the product launch. Most prefer to use this survey template to test prototypes before introducing the final product to customers. The survey can also be conducted to understand if it fulfills customer expectations.

Where to use & share?

You can embed the product satisfaction survey on your website if you want to make it look and feel a part of your brand. Or you can send the survey as a link via email to your customers.

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