Parent Satisfaction Survey Template

Understand parent sentiments, challenges & create better learning experiences

What is a Parent Satisfaction Survey?

A parent survey helps you understand parent sentiments and challenges in respect to their child's education. With a well-curated parent survey template, you can identify potential communication gaps between parents and teachers and understand which areas need to be improved for a better learning experience.

Using a parent satisfaction survey template, you can get answers to questions like - How satisfied are you with your child's curriculum? How often do you help your child understand what they are learning at school? Are you satisfied with the extracurricular activities offered at school?

parent satisfaction survey template

Why Use Our Parent Satisfaction Survey Template?

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20+ Question Types

ProProfs Survey Maker helps you ask the right questions the right way. To create a parent survey, you can choose from 20+ question types including multiple-choice, text box, rating scale, checkbox, button, and more.

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Created by Experts

Our wide range of parent survey questions has been created under the guidance of expert academics and school psychologists. These ready-to-use templates are used by the leading Schools, Colleges, and educational institutions from across the globe.

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Understand Parent Engagement

With our free parent survey template, you can understand how engaged parents are in their child’s learning. You can also understand how confident they are in their child’s schooling and identify any potential barriers they feel exist.

When & Where to Use a Parent Survey Template?

When to use & share?

Principals, staff members, or parent/teacher organizations can use these surveys from time to time. For example, if you have recently introduced online classes for students, you can share this survey with parents and understand their challenges.

Where to use & share?

The best way to share parent satisfaction surveys is via email. You can even share survey printouts with parents during face-to-face interactions or parent-teacher meetings. Sharing this survey directly on your website is also a good option.

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