Suggestion Box Template

Embed a suggestion box form on your website & collect valuable insights

What is an Online Suggestion Box Form?

A suggestion box form lets your employees, customers, or other stakeholders provide useful, anonymous feedback. You can use these valuable inputs to improve your processes, products, or your overall brand.

With an online suggestion box template, you can take suggestions from your audience on different aspects. For instance, you can add this form to your Contact or Help page and ask for suggestions to improve your customer service.

Online Suggestion Box Form

Why Use Our Suggestion Box Template?

Keep Responses Anonymous

Allow customers or employees to share their candid feedback without revealing their names. With the help of our suggestion box forms template, you can keep feedback anonymous and capture more responses.

Customize it Your Way

An online suggestion box may not be boring. ProProfs Survey Maker helps you bring your web forms to life with multiple customization options. Select from ready-to-use themes, add your company logo, and choose from 20+ question types.

Enhance Customer Experience

The customers who use your products or services carry a wealth of information that can benefit your business. Use our suggestion box form to understand what’s working well and what needs to be improved for a delightful customer experience.

When & Where to Use an Online Suggestion Box Template?

When to use & share?

An online suggestion box can be made available to your audience throughout the year. If you notice consistently negative feedback in a certain area, you can focus on that area and make improvements based on the suggestions.

Where to use & share?

You can directly embed a suggestion box form on your website. Based on your research requirements, you can target key pages of your website. For instance, you can add a suggestion box on any product page and ask customers to share what they feel should be improved.

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