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15 Best Typeform Alternatives in 2024 (Affordable + Better)

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On the quest to find the best Typeform alternatives? You’ve reached the right place.

While Typeform is a leading survey software used across marketing, HR, customer success, and education divisions, it is highly unlikely that every business would benefit from its implementation.

There are several shortcomings of the software, including its pricing, complicated interface, and limited reporting functionality. Even though numerous alternatives to Typeform are available, finding the most appropriate solution can be a daunting task.

To make things easier, we have created this comparison guide of the 14 best tools that can be used to make the right selection. Find the features and the most suitable use case of each of these tools to find the most appropriate software for your organization.

Why look for Typeform Alternatives?

Even though Typeform offers multiple advantages, it isn’t the right fit for all business needs. That’s why more and more businesses today are looking for alternatives that are easy on the pocket and offer the best-in-class features.

But before we delve into the features and benefits of the 14 best Typeform alternatives, let’s answer the question- Why is this comparison significant? 

Typeform helps create surveys that enable you to generate leads, collect feedback, conduct market research, and perform a range of other business functions. However, there are several issues that Typeform users encounter, which is why it is better to consider alternatives that would be a better fit for your enterprise.

Some of the commonly-faced challenges associated with Typeform are:

1. Pricing 

While a free plan is available for Typeform, it only offers limited functionality. Moreover, the paid plans are expensive when compared to other competitors.

2. Speed Lags

Many users have reported that the tool lags when creating complex surveys and questionnaires.

3. User Experience

The tool is a bit complicated to get around and requires considerable time and effort to get started with creating surveys.

4. Failure to Autosave

The autosave functionality of the tool is a bit slow, which is why it is a regular occurrence for your work to get lost.

5. Limited Branding Functionality

There is a limited extent to which you can brand the forms. Furthermore, customization of the forms is a time-intensive process.

14 Best Typeform Alternatives and Competitors in 2024

There are several tools similar to Typeform that you can use for an improved ROI. Here is a thorough comparison of the salient features and use cases of the 14 best Typeform competitors.

1. ProProfs Survey Maker

Typeform alternative

ProProfs Survey Maker is the best Typeform alternative offering simple and convenient ways to create surveys, forms, quizzes, polls, and more. Select a template, and personalize it with your brand colors, themes, and logos using the drag-and-drop interface. This powerful tool arms you with all the essential insights via detailed presentation-ready reports and intelligent analytics.

Used For:  Creating surveys, forms, polls, etc., with pre-built templates & question types

Third-party integrations:  Yes

Suitable for:  Small to large businesses


  • The tool offers pre-built survey templates and ready-to-use survey questions
  • Create in-app surveys, NPS surveys, sidebars, scored quizzes, and more
  • Make effective surveys with advanced features, including conditional logic, scoring, and survey redirects
  • Get real-time notifications for engagement with your surveys and forms
  • Multiple sharing options include email, social media, embedding, and survey links

What is unique about ProProfs Survey Maker ?

  • Survey analytics reports allow you to see who filled out the forms, when, and how they answered
  • Supports integration with popular platforms like WordPress, Zendesk, Mailchimp, etc.

2. Qualaroo

Alternatives to Typeform

Qualaroo is another great Typeform alternative and renowned customer feedback software that assists businesses in leveraging real-time feedback surveys. The Qualaroo nudge is very intuitive and can be used anywhere from SaaS products and websites to mobile apps. This tool offers AI-powered analytics and advanced reporting that turns free-form text and open-ended questions into organized data.

Used for:  Feedback collection & sentiment analysis

Third-party integrations:  Yes

Suitable for:  Small to large-scale businesses


  • Access a dedicated NPS surveys dashboard for real-time tracking
  • Use branching and skip logic in your surveys
  • Get started quickly using pre-set question types and professional templates
  • Use advanced targeting options such as behavior, demographics, customer type, source, and more
  • Offers CSS and HTML customization options for modifying the survey design and layout

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Qualaroo?

  •  AI-powered sentiment analysis helps you mine through collected data effortlessly
  •  Connect the application with tools such as Tableau, Slack, Kissmetrics, and Google Analytics

3. Google Forms

Tools similar to Typeform

Source: Google Forms

Google Forms is a free alternative to Typeform best suited for users looking to collect basic data with online forms. Create responsive web forms with custom branding and logic. This free form builder has a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easier to create forms, surveys, and quizzes according to your specific needs.

Used for: Collecting & analyzing responses with online forms

Third-party integrations: Yes

Suitable for: Educators & small business owners looking for a free tool


  • Get started with professionally designed templates
  • Embed forms on the website or share them via emails and social media
  • Create surveys from any mobile device, tablet, or desktop
  • Set response validation rules for your forms
  • Get reports in the form of charts that are easy to understand

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Google Forms?

  • Customize colors, images, fonts, etc.
  • Export data to Google Sheets for further analysis

4. WPForms

Typeform competitors

WPForms is a reliable alternative to Typeform that lets you create a range of forms for WordPress. These include contact forms, payment forms, surveys, registration forms, etc. The drag-and-drop functionality makes this easy. You can create highly customized forms for your WordPress websites and manage the collected data seamlessly using WPForms.

Used for: Creating WordPress forms

Third-party integrations: Yes

Suitable for: Business owners, bloggers, designers & developers


  • Create multi-page forms for your WordPress website
  • Choose from a range of form templates
  • Enable users to upload files with forms
  • Collect payments directly using your forms
  • Customize forms with CSS and HTML blocks

Why We Picked It, What is unique about WPForms ?

  • Get instant notifications after form submissions
  • Enable users to save partially filled forms and complete them later

5. Woorise


Woorise is a powerful alternative to Typeform and a lead generation platform that allows you to create a wide range of interactive campaigns such as landing pages, forms, surveys, quizzes, viral giveaways & contests, accept payments and more to help you grow your business from a single platform.

Used for:  Lead generation, creating forms, surveys and quizzes

Third-party integrations:  Yes

Suitable for:  Businesses of all sizes, digital agencies and freelancers


  • Beautiful and fast design with a powerful drag & drop landing page and form builder
  • 100+ customizable templates for interactive campaigns and landing pages 
  • Multiple layouts and many customization options
  • Conditional Logic
  • Get real time and personalized email notifications

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Woorise?

  • Complete lead generation platform
  • Beautiful and optimized templates

6. Formidable Forms

Typeform alternative

Formidable Forms is an advanced WordPress plugin that lets you create complex, multi-page, and mobile-responsive forms. The tool offers HTML customization and white labeling for forms. Users can upload files, add signatures, and save forms for later access. You can also use these forms to collect payments and automate form actions.

Used for: Plugin for WordPress forms

Third-party integrations:  Yes

Suitable for: WordPress users looking for a tool with advanced functionality to create complex forms


  • Choose from a range of templates and style them as per your requirements
  • Use dynamic fields that populate automatically
  • Enable users to preview the form before they submit it
  • Drag and drop fields to create your forms
  • Visualize form submissions as reports, graphs, or charts

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Formidable Forms ?

  • Collect payments using your WordPress forms
  • Integrate the application with Mailchimp, Google Sheets, Constant Contact, and GetResponse

7. JotForm

free alternative to Typeform

Source: Jotform

JotForm is a feature-rich form builder with a massive library of themes, form fields, and templates. This Typeform alternative offers multiple survey types and form-sharing options. You can customize your buttons, colors, themes, backgrounds, and more. All standalone form links and embed codes are SSL-secured, and users are equipped with the option to encrypt their data.

Used for: Online data & payment collection

Third-party integrations: Yes

Suitable for: Single users & enterprises looking to create custom forms


  • Get started with creating engaging forms with professionally designed templates
  • Use conditional branching and skip logic in forms
  • Choose from pre-built templates or create your own
  • Use custom reports to visualize collected data and share them easily
  • Create mobile responsive and secure forms

Why We Picked It, What is unique about JotForm ?

  • Collect payments directly from your forms
  • Customize the logos, fonts, colors, etc., for forms

8. Zoho Forms

Typeform competitors

Source: Zoho

Zoho Forms is a robust form builder tool that enables you to ask for the right information. Customize web forms as per your needs and share them via direct links. Zoho Forms even enables you to capture data even when you are offline. It offers results in tabular columns, which can be easily exported as CSV or ready-to-print PDFs.

Used for: Creating custom online forms & analyzing collected data

Third-party integrations: Yes

Suitable for: Small to large organizations


  • Create forms with an easy drag-and-drop builder
  • Get response notifications in real-time via email or SMS
  • Embed forms on the website or share them via emails and social media platforms
  • Choose from pre-built templates and field types to save time
  • Set up automated workflows and merge response data with your documents

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Zoho Forms?

  • Improve data usability with integrations such as Salesforce, Zapier, and Google Drive
  • Export collected data as spreadsheets

9. Cognito Forms

free alternatives to Typeform

Cognito Forms lets you improve the effectiveness of your data collection process with engaging forms. You can perform calculations with the collected data in the system itself or export it to an external system with automated triggers. Cognito Forms also provides you with the functionality to collect signatures and payments easily.

Used for: Collecting data & payments

Third-party integrations: Yes

Suitable for: Small to large-scale businesses


  • Use different field types to collect the relevant type of data
  • Choose from a range of pre-designed templates
  • Create multi-step, automated workflows to improve business processes
  • Allow users to save partial entries and complete them later at their convenience
  • Collect signatures or add rating scales to your forms

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Cognito Forms?

  • Collect payments using Stripe, PayPal, and Square
  • Enable users to upload files with their form responses

10. Ninja Forms

Typeform alternatives

Ninja Forms is a user-friendly alternative to Typeform that lets you create WordPress forms. The tool does not require any coding experience and lets you create effective forms by simply dragging and dropping fields. Use it to create multi-page and conditional forms to collect relevant data from your WordPress website visitors.

Used for: Creating WordPress forms

Third-party integrations: Yes

Suitable for: WordPress users without coding experience


  • Create WordPress forms with a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Export data as PDFs, Excel files, or to Google Sheets
  • Use conditional logic in forms to show and hide fields
  • Enable users to pick dates and times for appointments using forms
  • Add fields such as file uploads and user analytics to forms

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Ninja Forms?

  • Accept payments directly from your form
  • Connect the tool with Mailchimp, Salesforce, Constant Contact, and other applications

11. Hubspot Forms

Typeform alternative

HubSpot lets you create online forms with its WYSIWYG editor and a drag-and-drop interface. Use it to convert website visitors into leads. Every visitor that fills out a form on your website is automatically added to your CRM database. Create custom forms easily with the drag-and-drop interface of the tool.

Used for: Lead generation

Third-party integrations: NA

Suitable for: Businesses of all sizes and industries


  • Creating forms for collecting information from your website
  • All the entries are automatically added to your CRM system
  • Customize field types, fonts, colors, and CTAs
  • Add forms to your website or deploy them as pages
  • Use built-in analytics to track and monitor your form responses

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Hubspot Forms?

  • Drag and drop elements to create your web forms
  • Upgrade to the marketing hub to automate email campaigns

12. Microsoft Forms

Alternatives to Typeform

Microsoft Forms can be used to create and share surveys, polls, and quizzes to collect relevant feedback. This alternative to Typeform lets you monitor responses and act on the data in real time with advanced analytics. Share the forms as links or QR codes with the target audience to collect data and keep it well-organized in one place.

Used for: Creating quizzes, polls & surveys

Third-party integrations: Yes

Suitable for: Educators & business owners


  • Create forms, quizzes, surveys, or polls according to your specific needs
  • Visualize and analyze response data to gather actionable insights
  • Use branching questions to collect relevant data
  • Leverage AI-powered recommendations to improve performance
  • Embed surveys on your website or share them via email

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Microsoft Forms?

  • Select the people who can respond to your forms
  • Export collected data to Excel for further analysis

13. Paperform

Tools similar to Typeform

Source: Paperform

Paperform enables you to create intuitive landing page-like forms known as Landing Forms. This comprehensive tool helps create a range of other forms, including payment, assessments, bookings, evaluation, lead generation, onboarding, and appointment forms. Businesses can define their own logic rules and survey display for improved customer experience.

Used for: Automating data collection & creating smart forms with conditional logic

Third-party integrations: Yes

Suitable for: Small to medium businesses


  • Choose from a wide range of template options
  • Customize colors, themes, layouts, and other attributes
  • Embed forms on your website or share links
  • Automate response notifications to get alerted at the right time
  • Offers several filed types so you can collect appropriate responses

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Paperform ?

  • HTML and CSS customization options are available
  • Connect with applications such as Google Sheets and Asana

14. Wufoo

Typeform competitors

Source: Wufoo

Wufoo is a cloud-based form builder that assists organizations in creating forms for various purposes, including registration forms, application forms, surveys, contact forms, and payment forms. The drag-and-drop builder makes building these forms a breeze. Once you collect the required data, you can easily analyze it with standard or custom reports.

Used for: Collecting data and payments

Third-party integrations: Yes

Suitable for: Business owners and freelancers


  • Easily embed forms on your website or share direct links for collecting data
  • Use pre-built templates and add your logo and brand elements to them
  • Add conditional branching and skip logic to forms
  • Automate workflows to transfer collected data to your CRM system
  • Customize reports to derive actionable insights from collected data

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Wufoo ?

  • Create surveys with a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Get real-time notifications as soon as a form is filled out

15. Qualtrics

Typeform competitors

Qualtrics is an online survey tool that lets you uncover valuable insights that can be leveraged to improve customer experience, products, employee satisfaction, and more. All the data collected is stored in one centralized repository, making it easier to utilize. The tool offers a range of survey templates and question types to help you get started quickly.

Used for: Analyzing survey data, social listening, experience management

Third-party integrations: Yes

Suitable for: Researchers & companies looking for AI-powered insights


  • Capture and act on feedback in real-time
  • Make better use of collected data with predictive analytics
  • Segment responses based on any attribute of your choice
  • Use sentiment analysis to spot trends and improve your operations
  • Create surveys with a simple drag-and-drop interface

Why We Picked It, What is unique about Qualtrics ?

  • Alert relevant people instantly about survey actions
  • Create intelligent custom workflows

Methodology to Select the Best Typeform Alternative

Like any other business decision, finding the right alternative to Typeform comes down to your unique needs and expectations.

Now that you have a better understanding of the functionality of the 14 leading Typeform alternatives currently available on the market, you can make a well-informed selection. Consider the existing pain points of your team and find a tool that can address these issues. Also, take into account the growth plan of your organization and find a scalable solution that adapts to your dynamic business environment.

Investing in a flexible solution such as ProProfs Survey Maker will help you overcome all these challenges. You can use this feature-rich application to create advanced surveys and leverage the collected data to enhance business efficiency.

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